New Lexus ‘approaching perfection’

Lexus, the luxury production arm of Toyota, has claimed that it is "edging closer to perfection" with its new LS 460.

The manufacturer describes its new model as an "engineering masterpiece" which exemplifies the pledge of its motto to relentlessly pursue perfection.

Eight world firsts are incorporated into the LS 460, according to Lexus, including eight-speed automatic transmission for "better economy and refinement", an advanced pre-crash safety system, emergency steering assist and an intelligent powertrain control system.

Among the innovations designed to protect the car’s passengers are radar and infra-red scanners, which examine the road ahead and warn of any potential collisions, and a camera which follows the driver’s head movement and raises an alert if his or her eyes appear to be off the road.

The car’s more luxurious qualities are as a result of "advanced craftsmanship", according to Lexus.

"Master craftsmen are responsible for the polishing of components, hand finishing in the paint process and checking every engine with a stethoscope to ensure the V8 emits just the right note," the company said in a statement.

The LS 460, which is available in three grades, will go on sale from January 8th.


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