The £10m Plus Ferrari: Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 275

McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTBNext month at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Steve McQueen’s custom built Ferrari will go up for sale, and some predict that it will fetch over £10,000,000.

Described by some auto enthusiasts as ‘the perfect storm of desirability’, McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 looks set to take the auction by storm. So far, it’s already caught the attention of the world’s media, with Top Gear’s Jason Barlow describing the Ferrari’s V12 engine noise as “one of the finest sounds in the known galaxy”.

No classic Ferraris are cheap at auction but, when you mix a car of this exclusivity (only 280 275 GTB/4s were ever made) with the mythology that surrounds the late Steve McQueen, you’re guaranteed a huge sale.

ferrari nart spyder

Earlier this year, a new record was set for the sale of Ferrari 275 GTB/4s, with one selling at a Bonhams auction for $3 million. McQueen’s, however, looks set to sell for three to four times as much.

Back in 2011, McQueen’s old 1970 Porsche 911T set the benchmark for McQueen collectables, selling for $1.3m, six to eight times what a normal, non-McQueen model would sell for. All things considered, RM Auctions, who are selling this piece of motoring history believe that purely because the car was owned by McQueen, its value is tripled. Well, he was known as the King of Cool.

McQueen Number Plate

As well as being owned by McQueen, there are other elements to the 275 which make it more valuable that other, similar Ferraris. Recently, the car was fully restored and re-certified by Maranello, immediately adding further value. As well as this, however, further value is added because of the car’s custom features.

McQueen had the car delivered to him on the set of Bullitt (where McQueen performed most of his own stunts), and it came complete with his requested custom touches including a single bespoke side mirror and a Chianti red paint finish. When you add together the famous owner, the restoration and the one of a kind finish, you really do have the perfect storm in terms of saleability and, if you have less than £8 million in cash available, then it may be worth staying away from the bidding.

If, however, you’re McQueen obsessed, but don’t quite have the cash available, then RM Auctions do have another ex-McQueen motor available, with his 1970 Chevy El Camino SS in Hugger Orange also available. But, even so, you’ll still need deep pockets, as the estimated price is still over $100,000.

70 El Camino SS 396

So, no matter whether you’re a Ferrari enthusiast or a lover of Steve McQueen, this Ferrari 275 is the perfect vehicle for you. If you have £10 million plus in spare change, of course.


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