Prince visits German factory to check out latest safety technology

Prince Michael of Kent has just visited the Bosch Automotive test facility at Boxberg in Germany to get a first hand view of how the latest car safety technology is being developed.

The 66-year-old cousin of the Queen is well aware, as road safety is an issue close to his heart, that Bosch invented ESC (Electronic Stability Control) one of the world’s leading vehicle safety technologies.

During his visit to the factory he will no doubt have been briefed about how poor the UK’s record is for installing ESC compared to some of our European neighbours.

Only 56 per cent of UK cars have ESC as standard fitting whereas Germany has 81 per cent and Sweden, which always seems to top the table for these sorts of things, has 97 per cent.

The Prince has been a loud supporter of ESC and has previously been quoted urging companies and consumers to specify a desire for ESC when purchasing a new vehicle.

Dr Bernd Bohr, member of the board of management of Bosch said: "Greater awareness among car buyers to understand the benefits of safety technologies is paramount to make an informed choice".

Written by Roxy Moran


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