Torquay couple buy Daihatsu Materia for fund-raising activities

Torquay couple Sheila and Phil Scott have become a familiar sight around the streets of Torquay, in a Lamborghini mauve-coloured Daihatsu Materia that they use for fundraising activities.

Used Daihatsu dealers are unlikely to stock such a distinctively-coloured car, the Scotts had to take their vehicle to the local spray shop to achieve the mauve hue.

The couple are already well-known in Torquay thanks to their Christmas fund-raising efforts which have raised thousands of pounds for Goa’s destitute children and earned the couple the affectionate nicknames Mr and Mrs Christmas.

The Materia’s sliding and reclining rear seats were deciding factors when the Scotts made their new purchase as these features make it the ideal car for transporting presents for the Goa children.

The couple said: "Our excellent deal with Daihatsu has made us two very happy motorists. We have the whole package – reliability, great build quality and a great-looking car. We wouldn’t buy anything else."

Their local spray shop still thinks they’re "potty" for choosing the mauve colour though.

If the Materia’s £10,770 starting price is out of your reach, you could always consider buying a used Daihatsu instead. Its greater age should ensure that it is subject to lower Vehicle Excise Duty.

Written by Peter Sweden


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