Dog owners spend more on pet insurance than car insurance

Big German dog costs twice as much to insure as big German car

The Great Dane is the most expensive dog to insure, according to AA Insurance data

The Great Dane is the UK’s most expensive pooch to insure, according to AA Insurance data.

With breed and pedigree the biggest cost considerations, the big German pooch’s annual premium is £1,100 – more than twice the cost of insuring another big German, the BMW X5*.

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'Man's best friend'

As well as our love of cars, the UK is renowned for being a nation of animal lovers, but often the real cost of caring for our pets can be overlooked.

The research highlights the importance of protecting ‘man’s best friend’ and reminds potential pet owners of the long term financial obligations of owning a pet.

Doggy Dozen

Reviewing its dog insurance database, the AA has identified the ‘Doggy Dozen’ pet insurance premiums and compared them to cars sharing similar characteristics:

Cost of ownership

Most drivers understand that as cars get older, it can cost more to repair them and keep them on the road. Similarly, dogs can suffer from age-related illness and can also be susceptible to breed-dependent ailments.

It’s key that dog owners understand the potential health problems associated with their dog of choice before they purchase. In addition to insurance, cost considerations also include food, exercise equipment, toys, grooming and kennel fees – all of which can differ greatly between breeds.

"It has never been more important for people to consider all of the potential costs associated with dog ownership."
Janet Connor, Director of AA Insurance

Janet Connor, Director of AA Insurance says; “A dog can bring great joy and companionship, but the reality is that to properly care for a pet you need to provide a lot more than just love.

“It’s important to carefully research the exact type of dog that is right for you and your family and be sure that you are fully prepared to dedicate the time and finances required before you buy.

“With recent trends towards owning exotic or ‘designer’ dogs and unique cross breeds, it has never been more important for people to consider all of the potential costs associated with dog ownership.

“A premium pooch can end up costing so much more than the original price tag and, over its lifetime, a dog can make a big dent in your family finances.

“Ensuring pets are fully and correctly covered is vital – without it, the cost of a hip operation, for example, can run well into four figures. Make sure you know the cost of that doggy in the window.”

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