Social media terms of use

Our social media terms of use and house rules

We’re here to help you by answering general questions and to showcase what we offer. By using our social media accounts, you accept and agree to our house rules below.

Everything we post is protected by copyright and trademark, but you may share our content.

We’ll consider requests to like or share content from others at our discretion. Anything we do share isn’t an endorsement.

If you post content to one of our accounts and we’d like to use it in our marketing material, we’ll get in touch to ask your permission first.

You understand that prize draw promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook and you provide a complete release to Facebook of any responsibility for prize draws.

Our house rules

We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we’ll regularly check what’s being posted and may remove and/or report:

  1. Discriminative comments towards us or other people which are thought of as bullying, harassment or intimidating.
  2. Offensive posts or comments. This could mean a post which contains swearing, uncivil or distasteful comments, personal attacks or threats, or if we feel it is malicious, inappropriate, libellous or discriminatory.
  3. Spam. This includes any comments or posts which are promotional or commercial.
  4. Posts or comments which infringe copyright or intellectual property laws.
  5. Posts or comments which are obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful.
  6. Personal details like phone numbers, addresses, payment or bank details.
  7. Posts or comments which may contain viruses, corrupted files or malicious hyperlinks which could damage people's devices. We would advise you not to click on any links posted by others. We’re not able to guarantee that they won’t be harmful to your device or contain content which could be offensive.
  8. Posts or comments that name our employees without their permission.
  9. Posts or comments that aim to discredit other users.
  10. Posts or comments which include ongoing legal matters, open court cases or police investigations.
  11. Posts or comments that could breach any laws and regulations including competition law.
  12. Advertisements of products or services.
  13. Posts or comments that contain the same comment, or a similar comment, repeatedly.

As things are constantly changing in the world of social media, we reserve the right to change our policy at any time.