Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about European Breakdown Cover

Buying European Breakdown Cover

Can I buy European Breakdown Cover online?

Yes. For details of terms and conditions and to buy online go to European Breakdown Cover.

Can you sell me European Breakdown Cover if I have already left home?

Providing you are still on UK soil, you can purchase from AA shops, or by telephone on 08000 857 261 and our call centre will text your policy details to your mobile phone.

How soon can I get my documents if I buy European Breakdown Cover online?

When you buy European Breakdown Cover online, our confirmation page will give you access to all the policy documents you will need, which you can print out before you leave. We will also give you your unique booking reference number, and all the relevant phone numbers you'll need if you have any queries.

Do you sell European Breakdown Cover for a one-way trip?

Yes, from 1 March 2008, cover is available from the UK to Europe, however you must purchase the return trip from the UK and be a permanent UK resident.

What is AA Five Star cover?

This is the former name for European Breakdown Cover. It was renamed in 2005. Find out more about the history of AA Five Star. The AA also offers a car warranty, which is known as Five Star, but this is a completely different type of cover.

Can European Breakdown Cover policies be issued in joint names?

Yes. A joint policy will cover one other named person living at your home address and will enable you and that person to travel on separate overseas trips in your vehicle.

About the cover

Does the AA European Breakdown Cover annual, multi-trip policy cover a car that's nearly 11 years old?

An older vehicle supplement must be paid for all vehicles over 6 years of age.

Will the AA send help if I break down on a foreign motorway?

If you have AA European Breakdown Cover then in many cases we can arrange assistance. French motorways however, are privately managed, and the motorway authorities will need to arrange help for you via the official motorway rescue service. The cost of the tow off the motorway can be claimed back within the European Breakdown Cover policy benefit limits. Once you are towed off, you should call the AA on 00800 88 77 66 55 for further help.

Is AA assistance in Europe the same as in the UK?

There are no AA patrols or other AA branded services operating in Europe. We will arrange help either through local garages, or with the help of the national motoring clubs and affiliate associations overseas.

Can you find a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle if my car is in a garage in Europe?

No, unfortunately we can't. Some types of vehicle, for example vans, are almost impossible to find. We will not be able to find vehicles with tow bars, and may have to bring back the towed vehicle with the broken-down car. For larger parties we may need to organise two hire cars.

Can you provide cover for vehicles outside the dimensions stated in the European Breakdown Cover terms and conditions?

No. The limit on vehicle dimensions is dictated by the space on our recovery transporters. If we need to recover your vehicle back home by transporter, we need to be sure that it will fit.

Can you provide cover for specially adapted vehicles?

If your vehicle has been specially adapted, you must let us know by phoning us on 0870 850 1502. Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to locate a similarly adapted vehicle overseas.

Does European Breakdown Cover cover a pedal cycle, car, jet-ski or boat carried on a trailer?

The policy does not cover personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats or other waterborne craft on or in your vehicle or trailer. These remain your responsibility at all times.

Does European Breakdown Cover cover goods carried in a replacement or recovery vehicle?

These remain your responsibility at all times. We cannot be liable for them if they cannot fit into a hired replacement vehicle, or if they have to be recovered with the broken-down vehicle.

Does European Breakdown Cover cover travellers with open-ended tickets?

Cover is valid only for the dates purchased, and you should take out cover for the full time you intend to be away. To extend cover from overseas you must contact us before the date of expiry of your cover and pay an additional premium to keep your cover in force. If you do not contact us before your cover has expired, your cover will lapse and cannot be reinstated.

Contact us

How can I contact you about European Breakdown Cover?

If you need any help, you can call us on 0800 072 3279, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm, Sunday 9am to 5.30pm.