AA EV Recharge Report March 2023

Fastest EV charging costs drop for second month in a row

AA calls for “help to buy” schemes to accelerate EV sales

19 April 2023

The March 2023 AA EV Recharge Report shows a 15.6% reduction in off-peak ultra-rapid charging since the start of the year from 71 p/kWh in January to 64 p/kWh in March, making electric cars cheaper to ‘fuel’ than a petrol car for the second consecutive month.

With the UK kickstarting its spring and summer driving season when domestic holidays and daytrips take place, travelling longer distances across the UK in an EV has become even cheaper. Business drivers will feel the benefit too as ultra-rapid charging keeps drivers on the road while reducing their running costs.

In further good news for EV drivers flat rate prices for slow chargers, which are traditionally found in residential areas where there is no dedicated off-street parking, dropped by 2 p/kWh with the price sat at just a penny above the Energy Price Guarantee for domestic electricity costs (35 p/kWh Vs 34 p/kWh).

However, flat rate rapid charging costs increased by 1 p/kWh between February and March to 67 p/kWh. Elsewhere, all other flat rate costs, peak and off-peak prices remained static providing more stability to drivers when it comes to ‘refuelling’ their cars.

AA EV Recharge Report, March 2023. Flat rates;

Charger type Speed (kW) Mar Ave (p/kWh)2 Feb Ave (p/kWh) Difference (p/kWh) Cost to charge 80%3 Pence per mile (p/mile)
Domestic Up to 7kW 34 34 0 £13.60 7.64
Slow (Flat rate) Up to 7kW 35 37 -2 £14.80 8.31
Fast 8-22 kW 53 53 0 £21.20 11.91
Rapid 23-100 kW 67 66 1 £26.40 14.83 p/mile
Ultra-rapid +101 kW 70 71 -1 £28.00 15.96 p/mile
Petrol 146.63 ppl 147.77 ppl -1.14 £46.92 14.01

AA EV Recharge Report, March 2023. Peak and Off-Peak rates;

Charger type Speed Mar Ave (p/kWh) Feb Ave (p/kWh) Difference (p/kWh) Cost to charge to 80%3 Pence per mile (p/mile)
Slow Off-Peak Up to 7kW 37 37 0 £14.80 8.31
Slow Peak Up to 7kW 72 72 0 £28.80 16.18
Fast Off-Peak 8-22kW 57 57 0 £22.80 12.81
Fast Peak 8-22kW 75 75 0 £30.00 16.85
Rapid Off-Peak 23-100kW 57 57 0 £22.80 12.81
Rapid Peak 23-100kW 75 75 0 £30.00 16.85
Ultra-rapid Off-Peak +101kW 51 52 -1 £24.00 13.48
Ultra-rapid Peak +101kW 64 67 -3 £29.60 16.63
Petrol 146.63 ppl 147.77 ppl -1.14 £46.92 14.01


“With more drivers wanting to take advantage of greener and cheaper travel, now is the time to offer ‘help to buy’ schemes to accelerate the uptake of electric cars.”
Jack Cousens, head of AA roads policy

AA calls for ‘Help to Buy’ schemes to boost EV sales

While the latest figures from the SMMT show that newly registered EVs are booming, the AA is calling for ‘help to buy’ schemes to encourage further uptake of electric cars.

In a poll of more than 14,500 drivers, seven out of 10 said being eligible to obtain some form of benefit to buy either new or used EVs would help them make the switch**. The most popular option was mirroring the recently closed Electric Vehicle Loan scheme run in Scotland where drivers can buy an EV with a 0% loan over three to five years.

Other popular incentives included scrapping VAT on the sale of new EVs, reinstating the £3,500 plug-in grant and introducing schemes to help buy used EVs. Low-income drivers would be most persuaded by either a 0% loan or a grant to purchase used EVs.

The reintroduction of any form of assistance to help drivers purchase electric cars could remove tailpipe emissions from the UK Car Parc quicker than current targets set at 2050.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy said: “The second consecutive month of falling prices on the fastest types of charging is great news and is further boosted by flat rate slow charging almost meeting parity with domestic electricity costs.

“With more drivers wanting to take advantage of greener and cheaper travel, now is the time to offer ‘help to buy’ schemes to accelerate the uptake of electric cars.

“The appetite is there, but EVs feel out of reach to many. The fact that drivers are interested in buying a used EV shows that fears and concerns over battery life and longevity are beginning to fall away. This could be the perfect time to energise the EV market.”

* Average prices are the PAYG options without connection fee as at 23 March 2023. Subscriptions are available for all charge point speeds which can unlock a cheaper p/kWh, however rates vary across provider.

Calculations based on adding 80% to a Vauxhall e-Corsa, 50kW, with a WLTP range of 222 miles. Adding 80% range equates to 178 miles of range. Vauxhall e-Corsa specifications here: Corsa_Spec_ePG_5_January_2023.pdf (vauxhall.co.uk)

Calculations based on Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L (75PS) Petrol with a 40 litre tank. 80% refuel = 32 litres.

Petrol: 32 litres @ 146.63 ppl = £46.92. Combined MPG of 47.9 = 335 miles at 14.01 p/mile.

Vauxhall Corsa specifications here: Corsa_Spec_ePG_5_January_2023.pdf (vauxhall.co.uk)

** AA Yonder Driver Poll, March 2023 – 14,668 respondents.