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The benefits of a manufacturer service

Motorists usually choose from two types of car service: standard, which is suitable for most vehicles, and manufacturer, which is the servicing schedule for your particular model.

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Manufacturer service for new cars

To uphold the warranty on a new vehicle, you should get it serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule, using manufacturer approved parts. This often involves taking it to the franchised dealership who sold the car.

You can find the schedule in the service and maintenance record book that came with the vehicle, and the dealer will stamp the book each time a service is done.

Some dealerships and manufacturers now log the service history and warranty work on an online database. The dealer can print the history for you, usually when you need to sell the car.

After the warranty period, you can continue to get your car serviced by the dealership and follow the manufacturer's schedule. It can be an easier option for you, but there's no obligation to do so.

Otherwise a standard service – whether that's an interim or full service – will include essential maintenance checks and parts to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. As this work won't be included on the manufacturer's database, make sure you keep the detailed invoices for the service history.

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Benefits of a manufacturer car service

Manufacturer servicing is specific to your car's make, model and mileage. It will keep it in the best possible mechanical condition, and the service history helps towards a better resale value.

Unlike a standard service, the manufacturer service is undertaken by a technician who specialises in the make of your vehicle and only manufacturer approved parts are used.

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Certified manufacturer servicing

When you book a standard service through AA Smart Care, our approved garages provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts guaranteed.

That means you'll get up to 30% lower prices for dealership quality across our entire garage network.

Smart Care also offers manufacturer schedule services, based on the age and mileage of your vehicle. The checks and parts are the ones recommended by the manufacturer of your car, and if serviced annually can keep it in warranty.

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Car servicing from AA Smart Care

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We thoroughly inspect each garage to ensure it fully meets our quality, service and training standards. We then carry out annual audits, as well as spot checks.

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