The British Motor Show 2022

AA to unveil its next concept in vehicle evolution at British Motor Show 2022

9 August 2022
Having taken a lead in the conversion to electric, the AA will present a UK first at the British Motor Show 2022 by showing how it could power its patrol vehicles to assist its 13 million members in the future.
The actual vehicle is being kept under wraps until the show opens on 18 August at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre. However, the AA has already stamped its leadership on the electric vehicle aspect of the green vehicle revolution.
Car Clinic Live to feature AA experts in discussions on EVs and all things motoring.
This year’s show to boast an AA fleet timeline from its earliest motorcycles to the very latest vehicles and technologies.

From the UK’s biggest motoring organisation, which already leads the way with electric vehicle ownership, training, and rescue, comes the next stage in vehicle evolution that will consign fossil fuel to the history books.

The vehicle will be revealed at this year’s British Motor Show at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, which will run from 18th to 21st August. This ground-breaking concept will confirm once again the AA’s commitment to innovative new products to keep its members on the road and will help meet its 2035 carbon-neutral commitment.

The AA have been at the heart of motoring since 1905 and have always been innovators (first road signs and first filling station in the UK.)

Government has said that all new cars and vans must be zero emissions by 2030 (some plug-in hybrids by 2035) which means almost all new cars sold in just eight years’ time will be pure electric.

The AA is at the British Motor Show to show current and prospective electric vehicle (EV) buyers that they will be able to help drivers on the entire EV journey. Its technical experts will be on hand for visitors of the show to discuss all things EV, and motoring in general across all four days of the show.

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The AA team will also take part in Car Clinic Live on the main stage in the EV Hall - which will feature daily EV and conventional vehicle discussions. The conversation will cover the impending crossover to EV and broader motoring topics.

Edmund King, AA president, says: “The automobile world is changing rapidly, and we will see more change in the next 10 years than we have in the last 50. Electrification is going mainstream and potential EV owners shouldn’t be put off by myths about range. Once you have tried an EV it is hard to go back.”

“The AA is the top motoring organisation for EV drivers and can help from learning to drive in an EV, insuring, leasing, selling, servicing, and fixing your EV. We are here to give power to electric drivers.”

Heritage vehicle timeline

In addition to its forward-looking innovations, the AA also boasts a proud history and this will be represented in the form of a heritage vehicle display in the classic vehicle area of the show. The vehicle timeline display will show how the organisation has progressed its fleet of vehicles over the years – from the inception of its first motorcycle right through to its latest patrol vans, including concept e-vAAns and current e-Driving School vehicles.

Their Heritage Team will be on hand to discuss the changes witnessed by its patrols over the years and how things will look ahead as the organisation embraces a carbon-neutral future.

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