An innovation in safety


Recovery Operation Securing Element

As the UK’s number 1 breakdown provider, The AA is proud to keep Britain moving. Being on the road brings joy and freedom, and that’s why we’re always innovating to ensure our members can get back on the road quickly and with complete confidence.

Multi-Fit Wheels

We are tasked with changing half a million wheels a year. The introduction of our innovative Multi-fit Wheel and the new Heavy Duty Multi-fit Wheel, (MFW/HD-MFW) has been instrumental in assisting patrols. It’s a popular repair solution in situations where a manufacturer’s spare isn’t provided as original equipment.


Recovery Operation Securing Element

The MFW/HD-MFW fit approximately 80% of vehicles found on UK roads. With an ethos to be ready for anything, we’ve innovated the ROSE (Recovery Operation Securing Element) as a complementary safeguarding measure for the multi-fit wheel and Free-wheeling Hub.

By fitting the ROSE device, it becomes impossible for the wheel nuts to become loose. It’s a preventive measure that creates an enhanced layer of safety

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AA Innovation

Developed in-house with our patrols in mind, the simple one-piece device has some innovative and unique features.

The sockets self-orientate when introduced to the nuts ensuring an effortless and speedy fitment. The positive spring tension design allows the ROSE to be fitted in seconds and remain firmly in place. In addition, the device can be fitted from either side to accommodate the Free-wheeling Hub recovery equipment.

UK Produced

The ROSE is manufactured from a high-impact polypropylene. It’s extremely tough and perfect for a demanding environment, but also flexible enough to fit the variation in wheel nuts currently issued. The material is 100% recyclable and has a UV filter to keep its colour looking vibrant, which is instrumental in low light conditions.

As with all AA recovery equipment, the ROSE is produced in England to minimise environmental impact and supports skills and techniques homegrown in the UK.