Future of Mobility

The Spectator Podcast: The future of mobility

If you look back in automotive history there were cars like the Model-T Ford, the Morris Minor and Mini that came along, that were iconic, that were affordable, that were stylish and good to drive. We're still not quite there with electric vehicles. If someone could crack that market with a car that everyone wants, then, with costs coming down and if Government keep their hands in their pockets and Treasury don't get too greedy, that could be the game changer.  

I recently discussed these and other issues around the future of mobility with the Spectator's editor Fraser Nelson for a podcast about the challenges facing low carbon transport.  We were joined by Chris Stark, chief executive of the Climate Change Committee, and Sinead Lynch, Shell’s UK Country Chair.

Listen to the Specatator Podcast: What does the future of low carbon motoring look like?

Drive safely.

Edmund (28 November 2018)