Easter getaway 2022

Easter break kickstarts boost for British tourism

More than half of drivers will have a driving holiday or staycation in the UK this year

8th April 2022

Brits are planning to boost British tourism this year with more than half (53%*) of drivers using their car to go on holiday in the UK this year, according to a study by the AA.

The survey of more than 14,000 AA members also found that one in five (20%*) will not take any form of holiday this year due to other financial pressures. However, they may treat themselves to day trips to offer some respite.

With many schools across the UK already shut for the end of term and more due to lock their gates today, families will use the Easter break to kick-start a bumper year for British tourism with more than 13.8 million car journeys planned on Good Friday. Easter Monday will see a similar number of car trips being made.

With more than 27.6 million trips planned over the Bank Holiday weekend, we can expect significant congestion across the UK as people flock to coastal resorts and holiday homes
Tony Rich, AA public relations manager

With routes around airports and ferry ports expected to see a major uplift in traffic, the AA is advising drivers to buy breakdown cover at least 24 hours before they travel, as well as recommending planning their routes carefully with the AA Route Planner and to make sure they have enough fuel or electric vehicle (EV) charge.

Tony Rich, from the AA, said: “The Easter holidays look set to give British tourism a much-needed boost as people cut back on overseas travel.

“With more than 27.6 million trips planned over the Bank Holiday weekend, we can expect significant congestion across the UK as people flock to coastal resorts and holiday homes.

“Drivers should plan ahead by checking their route before setting off and ensuring they have given their car a pre-journey check. Breaking down is a horrible way to start your holiday, but with the AA there’s no stopping you as our five-star patrols will get you on the road again.”

Taking a break without breaking the bank

With many long-distance trips being undertaken for the Easter break; drivers should plan on taking regular breaks to avoid drowsiness. Motorways form a major part of most holiday routes, but those planning to use a motorway service area (MSA) say they are overpriced, but handy from a road safety perspective.

Over half (52%*) of people surveyed said that MSA’s provided a safe place to stretch their legs but three quarters of drivers (76%*) felt that fuel was overpriced while two thirds (66%*) said food and drink costs at MSA’s are unreasonable. Similarly, as people tend to set off at similar times, nearly three fifths (57%*) say MSA’s are busy and overcrowded.

As the price of fuel fails to drop significantly, the AA recommends drivers to adopt some basic eco-driving tips like making sure your tyre pressures are set correctly to reduce drag in an effort to save on fuel. AA members can also use the free AA app to find the cheapest fuel both at home and away, along with a host of savings and discounts.

Mark Born, Head of the Driver Instructor Training Academy at the AA Driving School said: “Driving on a motorway when you are out of practice can be a daunting experience for many, especially at busy times like the Easter holidays. Lots of drivers may have reduced their motorway driving since the pandemic and may feel anxious about returning to it. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, control your speed and keep left unless you are overtaking. If you are really worried about it, taking a refresher lesson can boost your confidence and also help you brush-up on the latest techniques and driving rules.”

*AA Yonder Driver Poll, February 2022. 14,467 respondents.