AA EV Recharge Report June 2023

Peak fast and rapid charging costs fall by 19%

  • Off-peak fast and rapid charging falls by 15%
  • Off-peak ultra-rapid costs reduced by 7 p/kWh
  • AA at ‘Electric Avenue’ at Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend
  • “Charging price crash is exactly the spark needed to power EV ownership” says AA president

13 July 2023

Considerable drops in the cost of peak and off-peak charging across the fastest speeds have brought considerable joy to electric vehicle drivers according to the June 2023 AA EV Recharge Report*.

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A 19% drop in peak rate costs, coupled with a 15% fall in off-peak rates compared to May 2023 shows that chargepoint providers have overcome the issues experienced last month when some operators could no longer carry the increased charges following the ending of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS).

With energy prices expected to fall further this year, this could just be the beginning to cheaper running costs for EV drivers.

“Charging price crash is exactly the spark needed to power EV ownership”
Edmund King, AA president

AA EV Recharge Report, June 2023. Flat rates;

Charger type Speed (kW) June Ave (p/kWh)
May Ave (p/kWh) Difference (p/kWh) Cost to charge 80% Pence per mile (p/mile)
Domestic Up to 7kW 34 34 0 £13.60 7.64
Slow (Flat rate) Up to 7kW 44 44 0 £17.60 9.89
Fast 8-22 kW 55 55 0 £22.00 12.36
Rapid 23-100 kW 68 66 2 £27.20 15.28
Ultra-rapid +101 kW 71 70 1 £28.40 15.96
Petrol 143.86 ppl  146.52 ppl 0.51 £46.04 13.74

AA EV Recharge Report, June 2023. Peak and Off-Peak rates;

Charger type Speed June Ave (p/kWh)
May Ave (p/kWh) Difference (p/kWh) Cost to charge to 80% Pence per mile (p/mile)
Slow Off-Peak Up to 7kW 33 33 0 £13.20 7.42
Slow Peak Up to 7kW 53 53 0 £21.20 11.91
Fast Off-Peak 8-22kW 75 88 -13 £30.00 16.85
Fast Peak 8-22kW 79 98 -19 £31.60 17.75
Rapid Off-Peak 23-100kW 75 88 -13 £30.00 16.85
Rapid Peak 23-100kW 79 98 -19 £31.60 17.75
Ultra-rapid Off-Peak +101kW 57 61 -4 £22.80 12.81
Ultra-rapid Peak +101kW 65 72 -7 £26.00 14.61
Petrol 143.86 ppl
146.52 ppl 0.51 £46.04 13.74

AA at ‘Electric Avenue’ at Goodwood this weekend

The positive news comes as the AA showcases some of its EV capabilities across breakdown and driving school at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend*** on the ‘Electric Avenue’. As well as hosting talks, AA experts will be busting common EV myths such as charging infrastructure and range anxiety.

Edmund King, AA president, said; “This is exactly the spark EV ownership needed after the electricity cost crisis. The future of electric cars is now looking very bright. A 19 p/kWh fall in a month for both fast and rapid peak time charging shows how quickly chargepoint operators can adjust their pricing and give EV drivers the benefit of cheaper energy.

“With predictions of further reductions in energy prices throughout 2023, EV owners may feel that this drop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to charging out on the road.

“Despite some concerted attempts to undermine the EV transition, the future is immensely positive for electric cars. More models on the market, high levels of new car registrations, improved ranges, cheaper charging rates and investment in the charging infrastructure are only making the decision easier to buy a car with a plug.”

* Average prices are the PAYG options without connection fee as at 29 June 2023. Subscriptions are available for all charge point speeds which can unlock a cheaper p/kWh, however rates vary across provider.

Calculations based on adding 80% to a Vauxhall e-Corsa, 50kW, with a WLTP range of 222 miles. Adding 80% range equates to 178 miles of range. Vauxhall e-Corsa specifications here: Corsa_Spec_ePG_5_January_2023.pdf (vauxhall.co.uk)

Calculations based on Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L (75PS) Petrol with a 40 litre tank. 80% refuel = 32 litres.

Petrol: 32 litres @ 143.86 ppl = £46.04. Combined MPG of 47.9 = 335 miles at 13.74 p/mile.

** Energy Bill Relief Scheme: help for businesses and other non-domestic customers - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

*** Goodwood Festival of Speed | Speakers at AA events include; Robert Llewellyn and Keanan Lloyd-Adams