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Fully qualified instructors

Feeling safe and relaxed in your driving lessons is incredibly important if you want to learn fast and reduce the number of lessons.

One way of building your confidence is to choose a fully qualified instructor.

AA Driving School instructor badges There are two groups of instructors, trainee and fully qualified. You can identify them by the badge in the front of their car.

Fully qualified instructors...

  • have completed 12 to 18 months of training
  • possess a full licence to teach, and go through further ongoing courses and tests so they are committed to the job and will teach you all they way through
  • often have several years of experience
  • have a high level of confidence in dealing with a wide range of student abilities

A qualified instructor will be able to promise the highest standards of tuition and tailor the lessons around your specific needs.

The AA only uses fully qualified instructors.

AA Code of Conduct

All AA Instructors work to a strict code of conduct which ensures you get the best possible tuition. It guarantees that your instructor...

  • is fully qualified
  • uses an AA Driver Record Card to track progress
  • adapts tuition for you
  • gives you a full lesson of 1:1 tuition
  • does not smoke or use a mobile phone during your lessons
  • does not carry passengers on your lesson

Trainee instructors train 'on the job'. While this is completely legal, they might not be able to promise the highest standards of tuition.

Trainee instructors...

  • have a temporary six-month licence to teach, which means they could stop teaching you half way through your lessons
  • may only have done 4 to 6 months training compared to the 12 to 18 months a fully qualified instructor goes through
  • have not yet passed the exam which tests them on their ability to teach learner drivers

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