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AA drivers dreaming of a sat-nav Christmas

19 December 2008

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A sat-nav system is top of the wish list in the AA motoring Christmas gift list compiled from a survey of 7,380 AA Populus Panel members. A nodding father Christmas, for the car's back shelf, was the least most wanted item.

59% of AA Populus Panel members, Britain's largest motoring opinion panel, say they don't have a sat-nav but having one comes top of their motoring Christmas gift list.

Car cleaning

Second most popular item plucked from the AA's motoring Christmas stocking was a voucher for a full car valet – a do-it-yourself car cleaning kit was less popular coming in at sixth position.

Road atlas

Although the sat-nav was the most popular item 'hands–on' navigators placed the traditional AA Road Atlas fourth most popular item just behind a new MOT certificate and ahead of a hands free phone kit.

Highway code

Also on offer in the AA's motoring Christmas stocking was a copy of the Highway Code and despite 47% saying they didn't have a copy in previous AA Populus panel research1 this item was placed unceremoniously next to the least desired item the nodding Santa.

Regional and age variation

The sat-nav was most popular with those in the 18 to 24 age range and least popular with the over 65s - conversely it was the over 65s who most favoured the AA Road Atlas. They were also the age range that most wanted a first aid kit, which came joint fifth on the list along with a hands free phone kit.

Drivers in Wales least wanted a sat-nav whilst those in Yorkshire and Humberside most wanted one.

Drivers in Northern Ireland most wanted a car valet voucher and this was the least wanted item in the North East.

AA comment

Commenting on the results, Edmund King, AA President said: "This Christmas list contained some serious and not so serious offerings. It is probably no surprise that many drivers are dreaming of a Sat Nav Christmas as it is such a useful device. However, there is still good life in the traditional AA atlas as it gives a sanity check to the sat nav.

"The full car valet voucher was popular as many drivers treat their car as a workhorse and don't find the time or have the inclination to clean them."

The AA's Christmas stocking

The AA's nine-item motoring Christmas stocking, from most desired to least desired:

  1. Satellite navigation system (3.27)2
  2. Voucher for full car valet (3.26)
  3. New MOT Certificate (3.02)
  4. New AA Road Atlas (2.97)
  5. Hands free phone kit (2.70)
  6. First aid kit (2.70)
  7. Car cleaning kit (2.40)
  8. Highway Code (1.88)
  9. Nodding Santa for back shelf (1.29)

Concluding, Edmund King said: "This was our stocking of motoring Christmas gifts. If people think we missed anything they are welcome to come up with their own ideas on-line in the AA Zone".

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Populus received 7380 responses to the online poll between 21 and 28 November 2008

1Populus received 11,388 response to the online poll between 24 and 28 October 2008

2Panel members were asked to rate each item from '1' meaning "I definitely would not like to receive this" to '5' meaning "I definitely would like to receive this". The scores shown in the table are the average score given to each item.


19 December 2008