The AA's £6.2 billion summit paper

Curbing motoring expenditure

2 April 2009

As world leaders gather at the G20 summit to discuss the global financial crisis, the AA's own president, Edmund King, is reminding motorists that with rising motoring costs upon us, it has never been a better time to shed the pounds. Drivers could save over £6 billion per year by following the AA's money saving tips.

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Edmund King says: "It is not just global finances that need to be scrutinised – as individuals, drivers can make significant savings every time they get behind the wheel without any painful restructuring.

"By now, most New Year's resolutions are a distant memory and the same goes with motoring resolutions. We all know that we should be doing the simple things to save money but only too quickly slip into old habits. We're encouraging people to stick at it – it's easier than you think to save more money.

"We reckon even a £200 saving is achievable for a 'budget couch potato', while a 'budget fitness fanatic' could slash £400 off their motoring costs. Multiply this across all the drivers in the UK and you get £6.2 billion of potential savings. Motorists can share with us their own money saving tips on the AA Zone ("

The AA has created a five-point credit crunch-busting diet to get drivers' motoring budget in shape:

  1. Saintly to save – Just remember, the harder you press your right foot, the more money you burn
  2. Shop to save – Shop around and take up AA Member benefits on motoring and leisure discounts, you could save over £240 a year
  3. Share to save – Car share, hitchhike, work at home
  4. Service to save – Cutting out servicing is a false economy; breakdowns without any breakdown cover cost more
  5. Study to save – Eco-driver training can cut 15% off fuel bills; AA Charity offers free training to new drivers at risk

Edmund King concludes: "Fuel taxes have gone up so drivers need to adapt their driving style to save money. We would also like to see the government help by giving a car scrappage incentive to encourage the uptake of cleaner, greener, safer cars."

Full details of the AA's £6bn summit paper »

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03 April 2009