Low emission zones in Europe

Will your motoring holiday be affected?

Low emission zones are in place in more than 200 cities in 10 countries across Europe

Low emission zones are in place in more than 200 cities in 10 countries across Europe

More than 200 cities and towns in 10 countries around Europe already have in place, or are preparing to launch, 'Low Emission Zones' (LEZ) - areas where the most polluting vehicles are regulated in some way. Vehicles may be banned or in some cases charged if they enter the LEZ when their emissions are over a set level.

If you're planning a motoring holiday in Europe in your own car it's important to know where these Low Emission Zones are, what kinds of vehicle are affected? What emissions standards are required? And whether registration is required or not.

Most zones affect only vans and lorries but some, including those in Germany and Italy, affect passenger cars too.

Low Emission Zones are also known as Environment Zones:

  • Umweltzonen (Germany)
  • Milieuzones (Netherlands)
  • Lavutslippssone (Norway)
  • Miljozone (Denmark)
  • Miljözon (Sweden)

For detailed information

www.lowemissionzones.eu is a publicly funded, regularly updated website (in English), run on behalf of a network of LEZ cities and government departments across Europe to provide all the information drivers and operators will need.

Besides Maps showing the location of all Low emission zones and detailed requirements on a city-by-city basis Low Emission Zones in Europe also contains background information about the reasons for implementing Low Emission Zones.

AA Touring Tips for Germany include information about how owners of foreign registered vehicles can obtain the required windscreen sticker or 'plakette' prior to travel.

London Low Emission Zone

London's Low Emission Zone began operation on 4 February 2008 and initially affected only diesel-engined lorries over 12 tonnes.

The emissions standards that vehicles must meet and the types of vehicle affected by the scheme change significantly from 3 January 2012. Many additional vehicles that could previously be used in London without paying a LEZ daily charge will either have to start paying from 3 January 2012 or will have to be modified, certified and registered with TfL before that date.

(21 November 2011)


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