Route planner feedback

How to get in touch

Thanks for taking the time to offer us feedback – we value your ideas and are always keen to improve our service.

We work with several companies to create Route Planner and Traffic News on our website and in the AA app. To help us get your feedback to the right person, pick one of the following options:

Roadworks, closures and traffic news
We receive traffic data from a third party, Inrix. If you’ve found roadworks, a closure, or heavy traffic that we don’t know about, or think that a route has been flagged with an incident in error, email us at [email protected].
Hotels and B&Bs
You can apply to join the AA hotel quality assessment scheme online. For questions about individual establishments, contact the hotel directly.
Faults, feedback and suggestions
If Route Planner or Traffic News aren’t working correctly, or for any other feedback not covered above, email us at [email protected]. Make sure to mention whether you’re using a mobile, tablet or desktop, as well as your operating system and browser. Copying and pasting the URL will also help us identify your problem. To give feedback about any of our other products or services, including the AA app or the website in general, visit our Contact Us page.
Maps, directions and road changes

Our maps are powered by Google. To report wrong directions, add a missing place to the map, suggest map edits, flag map items for removal, or give any other general map-specific feedback, please contact Google Maps Support.

Please note: we cannot contact Google on your behalf with feedback or corrections.

How will you use my personal details, including my email address?
Our privacy notice explains how and why we use your personal information, including what details we hold, who we might share it with, and your choices and rights. It also includes information about any checks and decisions we may make.