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All you need to know about AA Breakdown Cover

About AA Breakdown Cover

Why choose AA Breakdown Cover?

As the UK's largest breakdown service, we fix more breakdowns by the roadside than anyone else.

1. No other breakdown provider has as many dedicated patrols
2. No roadside labour charges
3. Exclusive access to member benefits with great savings that could equal or exceed cost of Membership

What makes AA Breakdown Cover more reliable than other breakdown services?

Our expert AA patrols rescue someone every 9 seconds, fixing 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside with repairs taking less than 30 minutes on average. Independent research company Defaqto awarded AA Breakdown Cover 5 stars for its comprehensive features and benefits.

Does AA Breakdown Cover protect me as both passenger and driver?

Yes. With our personal roadside cover we'll come to your rescue as the passenger or driver of any car you're in. If you want breakdown cover for a car, then our vehicle roadside cover will ensure its recovery - regardless of who is driving.

Will you charge me for callouts?

We will not charge for the first five callouts in one Membership year (six if you have joint or family Membership.)

How quickly would you reach me if my vehicle breaks down?

We give priority to those in vulnerable situations and always seek the shortest route to our Members using the latest satellite technology.

Are there any restrictions on vehicle size for AA Breakdown Cover?

Yes. All restrictions on vehicle type, size and weight can be found in our AA Breakdown Cover terms and conditions.

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Buying AA Breakdown Cover

How much does AA Breakdown Cover cost?

There are five AA Breakdown Cover products to choose from. For our latest prices and deals visit our AA Breakdown Cover page.

Once I purchase AA Breakdown Cover online, when will my Membership be activated?

Your breakdown cover begins as soon as your online application has been processed. We will send you email confirmation straight away and post your new Member pack and Membership card(s) within 28 days.

Please note: Home Start, Relay and Stay Mobile benefits start 24 hours after your Membership commences.

How can I pay?

Payment is easy. Choose either a monthly direct debit from your bank account or a one-off payment with a debit or credit card. To save you time and hassle, we will automatically renew your Membership at the end of the year.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. To schedule monthly direct debit instalments call 0800 085 2721.

Is the AA checkout secure?

Yes. We use the highest form of encryption available to guarantee your personal information is safe. Visit our online security page for more information.

Can I change my level of AA Breakdown Cover once purchased?

Yes. It's easy to increase or lower your level of AA Breakdown Cover, add or remove additional Members or even add Breakdown Repair Cover to help meet the cost of expensive repair bills after a breakdown. Call 0800 085 2608.

Can I buy AA Breakdown Cover as a present for someone else?

Yes. You can buy AA Breakdown Cover for somebody else - all we need to know is their name and address. Visit our Gift Membership page for more information.

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Using AA Breakdown Cover

What number do I call if I breakdown?

If you're using a mobile phone, call 08457 88 77 66. Otherwise, the emergency breakdown number (as shown on the back of your Membership card) is 0800 88 77 66.

What should I do if my AA card is lost or stolen?

Call 08705 444 444 immediately for a replacement.

What happens if I breakdown but don't have my Membership card?

In the event of a breakdown, just quote your Membership number when calling and we will provide our service as normal.

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Renewing AA Breakdown Cover

How can I renew my AA Breakdown Cover?

Up to 10 weeks before your AA Membership is due to expire we'll send you a renewal invitation. This invitation will include details of your renewal based on your existing level of cover, and all relevant contact information.

If you are nearing the end of your cover and have not received this invite, please call 0800 085 2608 to ensure coverage is continued.

Can I renew my AA Membership online?

This service is temporarily unavailable. Please call 0800 085 2721.

Will I keep my Membership number when I renew?

Yes. Your AA Membership number will stay the same, even if you have made changes to your cover.

When I renew my Membership, when will I receive my new Membership card(s)?

We will post confirmation of your renewal and new Membership card(s) within 28 days. If you already have a Membership card, please retain it for future use.

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Benefits for Members

Can Members get discounts on airport parking?

Yes. AA Members can get special rates at 16 UK airports. Visit our member benefits page for more information.

Can Members get discounts on car hire?

Yes. AA Members can save up to 5% on car hire, and get a free additional driver. Visit our car hire page for more information.

Can Members get discounts on other products and services?

Yes. AA Members can enjoy benefits on a wide range of products and services. We have international schemes in both Europe and North America which can provide savings that exceed the cost of your Membership. This includes discounts at selected hotels, restaurants, museums, theme parks and shops across Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Visit our member benefits page for more information.

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Breakdown Repair Cover

How does Breakdown Repair Cover work?

Breakdown Repair Cover works together with your AA Breakdown Cover to help reduce repair costs after a breakdown. Call 0870 544 4444 for further information.

Can I have Breakdown Repair Cover on more than one vehicle?

Yes. If you purchase Breakdown Repair Cover with the Multiple Vehicle Cover option, you can nominate up to three eligible vehicles. All vehicles must be registered at your home address, but can be of any age or mileage. Call 0870 544 4444 for further information.

What do I do if I change vehicles?

Please notify us promptly when purchasing a replacement vehicle to ensure that it's covered. Call 0870 544 4444 and we will update your Membership details. Please note that replacement vehicles must meet policy eligibility requirements as stated in the terms and conditions, and you will not be able to make a claim in relation to a breakdown within 14 days of updating your details.

If you have AA Motor Insurance and have advised our insurance team of a change of vehicle, please be aware that you will also need to update your Breakdown Repair Cover details by calling 0870 544 4444. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and are working on improving this aspect of our service.

Do I have to keep my car regularly serviced?

Yes. Once you have nominated a vehicle for Breakdown Repair Cover then you need to keep it serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Servicing must be completed by an accredited garage. When making a claim you may be asked to produce evidence of servicing, so please retain all receipts and invoices.

How do I make a claim?

When you breakdown, call our claim helpline on 0844 579 0042. Visit our How to claim section for more information.

Can I claim straightaway?

No. Breakdown Repair Cover claims cannot be made during the first 14 days from your agreed start date.

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Stay Mobile

What is Stay Mobile?

Stay Mobile upgrades your AA Breakdown Cover to give you other travel options if we can't fix your car at the roadside or arrange a prompt local repair.

If I choose the car hire benefit under Stay Mobile, can I keep the hire car for longer than the default 72 hour period?

Yes. Any additional days will need to be arranged by yourself directly with the hire company, but as an AA Member you will be eligible for a discount on the extra hire days.

How do I claim for public transport costs under my Stay Mobile cover?

Please keep all public transport receipts, send them to us and we will then reimburse you.

If I want to use the car hire benefit under Stay Mobile, do I need to show my driving licence to the hire company?

Yes. You will need to produce your licence (including paper counterpart) at the time of hiring.

Will I need to produce a credit/debit card for car hire under Stay Mobile?

Yes. Under Stay Mobile you will need to use a credit card for the deposit, which is only needed if damage to the hire car is incurred.

Under Stay Mobile, does the hire car have to be delivered to and collected from the same address?

No. The car can be delivered to and collected from different addresses.

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Useful Information

How do I complain about AA products or services?

If for any reason you're unhappy with our service then we really want to hear from you.

Please contact us via email, phone or post and we will do our very best to resolve any issues that you may have.

Phone: 0845 607 6727
Post: Member Care, AA, Lambert House, Stockport Road, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 2DY.

Will you recover a caravan fitted with an Alko towball?

Yes we will.

Is there an AA Member's handbook?

Yes. PDF copies of the AA Members Handbook are available for download via our website.

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Emergency breakdown number

0800 88 77 66

Sales line

0800 085 2721

Renew, change or cancel cover

0343 316 44 44

0800 and 0808 numbers are free from UK landlines.

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