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Love that feeling?

Watch our advert and see our furry four-legged star

Say hello to our hairy hero, Tukker

Tukker loves nothing more than the feeling of being out on the open road with the sun on his face and the wind in his fur. If you love that feeling too and don’t want it to stop, join the AA. We’ll get you back on the road.


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Meet our furry four-legged TV star

  • Name: Tukker
  • Age: 4
  • Dog breed: Crossbreed
  • Likes: Long walks, chewy toys and the wind in his fur
  • Dislikes: Flat batteries

    Tukker longs for the feeling of freedom – the pure enjoyment of being out in the car without a care in the world. He loves adventure, as well as that quick trip to the dog groomers for a post-lockdown cut. He always wants the window down with the wind blowing through his fur and his favourite track on.

    It doesn’t matter where he’s going – his eyes are never brighter and his tail never wags harder, than when he’s out on the open road.


We'll get you back on the road

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'That feeling' – Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of our TV advert where the directors reveal the thought and inspiration that led to the creation of Tukker and the feeling he represents.

Tukker behind the scenes