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The crew's broken down, again

Luckily Smart Breakdown is there to help

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Smart Breakdown

Breakdown technology that's light years ahead

It's not just intergalactic transport vehicles that Smart Breakdown can help with, it works with most cars produced in the last 15 years. Our clever little device allows our patrols to know what's wrong before they arrive.

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Smart Breakdown to the rescue

The Red Dwarf boys have broken down, again. This time Starbug has lost all power and it seems it's been drained by something pretty heavy duty. But luckily Lister has Smart Breakdown and our patrol knows exactly what's wrong before he gets there.
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New behind the scenes

Behind the scenes on the intergalactic hard shoulder

We now have even more behind the scenes images and footage with the Red Dwarf cast. With these comedy legends on set, you know there's going to be as many laughs off-screen as on. Check out behind the scenes of our stellar TV ad.

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Watch the crew's first mishap again

Rimmer, Lister, Kryten and the Cat have got themselves into another mishap. See how they get back on course with a little help from us and our app.