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Our app

You can plan your journey before you set off to avoid tolls, Congestion Charge zones and motorways with route planner in our free app.

Plus, get real-time traffic information about delays and incidents along the way.

If you're running low on fuel, you can find the nearest and cheapest place to top up. And if you need a parking space, we know just the spot. All you have to do is set the filters for the kind of parking you want, and away you go. Once you've found a space, our app will even remind you of exactly where you parked.

On the phone

Just call 84322 on your mobile or 0906 88 84322 on your landline to get the latest traffic news.

Once you're connected, press 1 for road information, then enter a motorway number - e.g. '25' if you are on the M25. If you're on an A-road, press 0 before typing the road's number.

Press 2 for weather conditions, and to see if there are any weather warnings you should know about before you set off. You can get info on pricing and how we get our traffic information by pressing 3, and for further help, press 4.

Mobile calls cost 60p a minute at all times. Landline calls cost 65p a minute at all times, plus your phone company's access charge.

Our website

Check the route home, to school or work before getting in the car to make sure you leave plenty of time. Just pop in your postcode to see what's happening on the roads.

Don't know your postcode? Click 'Find my location' and we'll find where you are, and give you the traffic updates which could be affecting your local area. You can even filter your traffic news - choose from traffic incidents, roadworks, and congestion.

Need directions? Route planner will help you on your way, and you can even choose a route which avoids motorways or the Congestion Charge. Make sure to read our travel Ts&Cs first.