AA Hotel and Hospitality Services – the Rosette award


Could your restaurant qualify for a Rosette award?

The AA Rosette award, first awarded in 1956, was the first nationwide scheme for assessing the quality of food served by restaurants and hotels. Our team of inspectors have an unrivalled wealth of experience in assessing quality throughout the UK so receiving the award is a huge achievement not to be underestimated. The Rosette is an award, not a classification: Rosettes are awarded annually on a rising scale based on a meal visit by one or more of our inspectors. Find out more about what it takes to be awarded a Rosette.

  • Only restaurants which are open a minimum of 4 days per week to the general public will be considered, and service needs to be either lunch or dinner or a combination of both.
  • Restaurants which are within a hotel, B&B, inn or any establishment with rooms will require membership to the appropriate accommodation scheme
  • It is entirely at the discretion of the AA whether a visit will take place and in what time frame. If an inspector visits and an award of 1 or 2 Rosettes is made, you will be notified in writing.
  • There is an annual scheme fee of £180 (£150 plus VAT) for standalone restaurants. In return for the fee, restaurants will be part of the Rosette scheme, receiving: a website entry, with up to 20 images; an image in the Restaurant Guide; an entry in the next Restaurant or Pub Guide; the AA’s quarterly magazine, Quality Matters; regular newsletter and industry updates; and more.
  • Establishments which hold Rosettes will be sent a link where they can log in to an information update account. This will allow them to update key data and supply images for AA-related websites and publications.

Multiple restaurants within one establishment

In the case of an AA rated hotel or guest accommodation with a Rosette award having more than one restaurant and wishing to have the food at the second restaurant tested for a Rosette award, this restaurant must have:

  • A different head chef to the other restaurant
  • A separate kitchen
  • A different food style
  • All other Rosette criteria apply
Being assessed for an AA Rosette award

Unfortunately, we no longer accept recommendations or applications for the Rosette award. We receive a high number of requests each year to visit restaurants and appreciate that it is a popular award. However, restaurants are only selected for inspection by the local AA inspector.

The inspector endeavours to keep fully appraised of the restaurants in their geographical area. Should you receive an incognito visit and be successful in achieving a Rosette award, the inspector will let you know at the time.

For more information on the requirements for achieving a Rosette award, read the Industry guidelines for AA Rosette awards.

AA College Rosette scheme

Find out more about our College Rosette scheme, which recognises the efforts of those who are the future of the hospitality industry.