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Types of service

  • USPs breakdown cover offer
    Manufacturer service

    The service recommended by Vauxhall, based on the age and mileage of your vehicle to keep it in the best possible condition. This service will maintain your vehicle's warranty.

  • USPs breakdown cover offer
    Interim service
    A comprehensive list of checks ranging from your wheels to your engine, and you'll also get an oil change.
  • USPs breakdown cover offer
    Full service
    Includes everything covered by an interim service, plus you'll also get added extras like a brand-new air filter.

How much does a Vauxhall service cost?

The cost of your Vauxhall service will depend on the specific requirements of the vehicle and the type of service you choose. Manufacturer services in particular vary in price, depending on the make, age and mileage of your vehicle. Interim and full service prices also vary, but are a little more consistent.
Here are some service prices for actual Vauxhall vehicles as of December 2021 to give you an indication of how much you might expect to pay.


Model Interim service price Full service price
Corsa 1.4i £130.41 £226.17
Corsa SRi £130.41 £258.52
Astra 1.4 £139.42 £253.31
Astra 1.6 SRi  £151.35 £265.25
Mokka 1.7 CDTi £151.24 £275
Insignia 2.0 CDTi £149.76 £251.06
Insignia 1.6 Turbo £144.50 £241.36

Figures based on prices for actual vehicles in December 2021. Prices vary according to model, age, mileage and other factors.

Why should I get my Vauxhall serviced?

Servicing your Vauxhall at regular intervals will improve performance and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. Unlike an MOT, a service provides an in-depth check of your vehicle and also replaces components that increase the life of your vehicle’s engine, such as the oil, oil filter, air filter and pollen filter.

While an MOT is compulsory, the test only shows that your car has met the minimum legal requirements of roadworthiness on that specific day. A service not only identifies parts that are already worn, but also those that will need replacing soon, so you can fix any problems before they turn into something more serious.

How often should I get my Vauxhall serviced?

For most Vauxhalls, we recommend getting a full service every two years and then an interim service in the alternate years. However, there are some exceptions to this guidance, for example, if your vehicle:

  • Is still within the warranty period and needs to be serviced at specified intervals for the warranty to remain valid
  • Is currently experiencing any problems.
  • Displays any warnings advising you that repair or maintenance is needed.
  • Covers considerably more or fewer miles than average.

Can I take my Vauxhall to a local independent garage?

Yes. Under EU Block Exemption Regulation retained in UK law, you can get your Vauxhall serviced at a local independent garage, even if you’re still under warranty. So, you can choose any garage in our AA approved network and you’ll still be covered

Should I have genuine Vauxhall parts used?

We use original equipment (OE) equivalent parts, which are fully guaranteed and manufactured in line with manufacturer specifications, so if you’re still within warranty period, you can be sure you’ll still be covered.