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When should you use this form?

You can use this form to order free signs if you run a community COVID-19 vaccination centre, such as:

  • Sports halls
  • Religious venues
  • Nightclubs
  • Community buildings

When shouldn't you use this form?

Don't order signs for permanent medical facilities, such as hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies.

What does the free sign support include?

We'll provide – free of charge – directional road signing for any UK community vaccination centres that are opened by the end of February 2021. This offer includes design, manufacture, installation and removal of all signs.

How many signs are included?

It depends. We'll work out the number of signs and where they're located for each site.

What will happen to the signs after the community vaccination centre closes?

The signs will remain in place while each site is functioning as a community vaccination centre. We'll then take responsibility to remove them.

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