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Smart Breakdown for existing Members

If you already have Smart Breakdown, here's some useful information

What's Smart Breakdown?

Smart Breakdown is a pocket-sized device that stays plugged in to a port in your car. It helps prevent breakdowns by detecting and notifying you about faults.

  • Explains common faults and warning lights and what to do about them
  • Get alerts through the AA app on your smartphone teamed with advice on what to do next
  • Our expert technicians and Patrols will use the data from your device to give you advice, and find you if you break down
Smart breakdown push notification

What can I expect when my device detects a fault?

Smart Breakdown can read over 5,000 different fault codes and alert you to problems like engine issues.

  • When a fault's detected, you'll get a notification on your smartphone.
  • You'll see a summary of the problem so you know what's wrong.
  • We'll provide a description and advice to help you understand what the fault means for your car.
  • If needed, you'll be able to give our trained team a call or tap on 'Find a garage' to see where you can take your vehicle.

    Remember, you can get peace of mind in any situation with our breakdown cover.
Dongle and fault on app

Common questions

How do I fit my device?

Fitting your Smart Breakdown device is simple – there's no need to get help from a garage.

The device plugs into a port which is usually found in your car's footwell.

You'll find a fitment guide tailored to your vehicle's make and model in the 'your vehicles' section of the app.

What do you do with the data my device collects?

We never share or sell your data.

The only time your location information will ever be accessed is if you break down and a Patrol needs to find you. 

I think my device has stopped working – can I do something to fix it?

If you think your device has stopped working, follow these easy steps to reset it:

  1. Unplug the device from your vehicle. 
  2. Leave the device disconnected for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  3. Plug the device back in.  
  4. Check the status of the device – when the device has been successfully plugged back in, the LED light on the device will flash rapidly. 
  5. After taking a couple of journeys, you'll be able to see updates about your vehicle's health in the AA app again. 

If this doesn't help, give us a call on 0800 316 4691.

I've unplugged my device – can I plug it back in?

It's easy to plug your device back in.

Just follow the fitment guide instructions in the 'your vehicles' section of the app.

Can I plug my device into another vehicle?

You can only use your Smart Breakdown device in one vehicle.

If you need to change the vehicle your device is registered to, give us a call on 0800 316 4691.

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