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We're not currently offering new Car Genie subscriptions

But if you already have Car Genie, here's some useful information

  • Eco driving 50
    Drive more efficiently

    Helps you keep tabs on your car's running costs, which could save you money

  • Technical help 50
    Technical help

    Get fault alerts to prevent breakdowns and technical help from our team if something's not right with your car

  • Track your trips 50
    Track your trips

    See all your previous journeys, how long they took, your average speed and more

Car genie appWhat’s Car Genie?

We'd all like to pay less to keep our cars on the road. That's why we launched Car Genie, the smart way to keep tabs on your car's running costs.

Connect Car Genie to your car and track your journeys, see your driving style and what you’re spending on fuel, and more. It can even help keep your car running smoothly by letting you know when something's not right, helping prevent some breakdowns.

As long as you've got UK breakdown cover with us, and a compatible car, you'll be able to use Car Genie.

What does Car Genie do?

  • Check how environmentally friendly your driving is with your eco score
  • Compare regular journeys and record your business trips, making it easy to claim expenses
  • If it spots a fault, like a battery going flat or a turbo on the blink, it lets you know through push notifications via the app
  • Our technical help team can talk you through what to do next

Available exclusively to our Members, it's set to revolutionise how we drive and look after our car as a one-stop-shop for all your driving information. And it’ll automatically renew after a year, unless you tell us not to – we’ll send you reminders nearer the time.

How Car Genie works

Technology connects us to the things that matter – we control our lives from the palm of our hands, from our heating and TV box to takeaway deliveries.

Most cars, manufactured from 2005 onwards, are made up of complex computer systems that check the engine and diagnose problems – with Car Genie, you'll have that information at your fingertips.

It plugs into a port usually found in the footwell. When it spots a fault, it'll send you a push notification from the app – watch our video to see how easy it is to use.

How to set up Car Genie
If you've recently ordered Car Genie and have received your device, all you need to do is:
  1. Download the app for your Apple or Android smartphone
  2. Activate your Car Genie account
  3. Plug the device into the OBDII port in your car – a fitting guide is in the app

Once you’ve installed the Car Genie device and activated it, you won’t even know it’s there.

Good to know

Recycle your old electricals - WEEE advice

Already have Car Genie? You can find your Ts&Cs here:

Standard subscriptions

Member promotions

About Car Genie

Can I keep the Car Genie device after my subscription ends?

As part of the Car Genie service, we'll lease you the device until your subscription ends.

I’ve waited over the advised delivery time. Where’s my Car Genie device?

If you haven’t received the device within 7 working days, then please email [email protected] or call 0800 316 4691.

How long does it take to set up Car Genie?

Just a few minutes. When you get the device, download the app and follow the step-by-step instructions. The app will also take you through the simple process of installing the device into your car. If you want any more help you can call us on 0800 316 4691. Make sure you have your membership number and postcode to hand.

How will you use my personal details, including my email address?

Our privacy notice and the Car Genie Ts&Cs explain how and why we use your personal information – including what details we hold, who we might share it with, and your choices and rights. They also include information about any checks and decisions we may make.

What data does the Car Genie device collect?

It’ll collect location data and details of trips you make, vehicle diagnostics faults and general vehicle status, and information about your driving behaviour data – including acceleration, braking, deceleration, lateral forces, fuel consumption and cornering.

This data will be used for the purposes set out in our privacy notice and in the Car Genie Ts&Cs. This includes analytics to provide the service, to manage other products and services held with us, to develop new products and services, and to support marketing activity. 

How secure is my data?

We’ve made sure that the data security of the Car Genie app and device complies with global standards, and our own high standards for the transfer of personal information.

Car Genie app information

Why can’t I see any data when I log into the app?

Once you’ve activated your subscription in the Car Genie app, it might take a little time before you see your journey information. If you’ve driven your car a few times and you’re still not seeing anything, the device might not be installed correctly. Call us on 0800 316 4691 with your membership number and postcode. 

Why can’t I see my current location in the app?

Pinpointing your location relies on the accuracy of GPS. It could take a few minutes for you to see your position for the first time. And it might not work inside garages and multi-storey car parks, or under bridges and tunnels.

What does it mean when the check engine light is on, but no faults are showing on the app?

When you start using Car Genie, the device will automatically check for any faults and let you know if it picks anything up. But if your car has a fault code that’s specific to a make and model the manufacturer hasn’t shared with us, the device won’t be able to recognise this.

Call us on 0800 316 4691 so we can let you know what to do next.

If the app says I have a fault and I ignore it, then my vehicle breaks down, will you still help me?

It's your choice whether to act on the advice the Car Genie app gives you. If you break down, we’ll still come to your rescue, providing you have the right level of cover for the situation.

What faults can the Car Genie device detect?

The device can detect faults using OBDII codes – these are faults that could affect the emissions from your vehicle and will include engine, gearbox, and electrical faults. The device also monitors the charge of your battery.

What do I do if the app shows a fault but there isn’t a light on my dashboard?

Not all faults will result in a light on your dashboard. Get in touch with us on 0800 316 4691 (or use the ‘Call us’ button on the fault code screen in the app) so we can let you know what to do next.

Will the app always let me know I’m likely to break down before I do?

It’ll warn you about roughly a third of the reasons that could cause a breakdown. But there are lots of breakdowns that it can’t predict, like a blown tyre. If that happens, get in touch and we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

The app’s reported a fault while I’m at home. Will you come out and fix the problem?

If you’ve broken down and your cover includes At Home we’ll come to you and do our best to fix the problem. 

If you don’t have this, we can still help. Call us on 0800 887766 and we'll add At Home to your cover before we come out to you. You'll need to pay any additional costs. 

What’s an eco-score?

It shows you how efficiently you drive by measuring acceleration, braking, speed and idling. For each trip you complete, you’ll get an eco-score. You can find your average score for 7, 30 and 90-day periods.

How can I improve my eco-score?

Driving sensibly and according to the road conditions, having good anticipation and sticking to the speed limit will all give you a better score. You can go to the eco-score section of the app to get more tips on how to improve your efficiency in each area – and hopefully save money on maintenance and fuel.

What's the battery health screen?

A flat battery is the cause of many of our call-outs. The Car Genie device is constantly checking your car’s battery voltage. If it’s at a good level, you’ll see a green circle in the battery section of the app.

Why does the battery health screen show an orange circle with a ‘Needs charge’ message?

An orange circle shows that the voltage in the battery is low and may need charging. This could happen if the car is only being used for short journeys. The battery will normally be re-charged by the car during a drive of 20 minutes or longer. If the battery status doesn’t change after this or you need any advice, call us on 0800 316 4691.

Why does the battery health screen show a red circle with a ‘Voltage critically low’ message?

A red circle indicates that the voltage in the battery is very low, and you may soon have a problem starting the car. If this happens, call us on 0800 316 4691 for advice.

Why does the battery health screen still show ‘Needs charge’ after I’ve replaced or charged the battery?

Don’t worry, the engine will need to be started a couple of times before the app updates. If the battery status hasn’t changed after this, call us on 0800 316 4691 so we can check that the device is reporting correctly.

Using the Car Genie app and device

Can I use the app on more than 1 phone?

Yes, you can log into the app using the same login details on more than 1 phone.

Can I use the Car Genie device in 2 cars – for example, could I use it in mine then plug it into my husband’s car?

You can only use the Car Genie service in 1 vehicle at a time. If you’d like to change the vehicle that the device is plugged in to you should call us on 0800 316 4691, so we can check the new vehicle is compatible and register it. 

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my Car Genie username and/or password?

Go to the sign in screen in the Car Genie app and click on ‘Forgot password?’. You’ll then be able to reset your password through a link sent in an email.

If you need a username reminder, call us on 0800 316 4691. Make sure you have your membership number and postcode to hand.

What happens if there’s a fault with the Car Genie service or device?

Call us on 0800 316 4691. Make sure you have your membership number and postcode to hand. We’ll organise a replacement device if it’s something we can’t fix remotely.

Should I disconnect the device before putting my car in for a service?

We recommend it. Garages may need to plug their own diagnostics tools into the OBDII port to reset things like service lights.

What if I get a new car?

Call us on 0800 316 4691 so we can check if it is compatible and update your details. We can also tell you where the OBDII port is in your new car. Make sure you have your membership number and postcode to hand.

My email address is incorrect; can you change it?

Yes, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll get that updated for you.

Cancelling your Car Genie subscription

How do I remove Car Genie from my car?

If possible, support the housing around the OBDII port and gently wiggle the device to pull it out. 

Who do I send comments, suggestions or complaints to?

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to get in touch. If you’re contacting us with a complaint, you can also call us on 0800 316 4691. If you want to discuss any personal information, please make sure you have your membership number and postcode to hand.

What happens if I cancel my breakdown cover/membership?

You’ll continue to be able to use the Car Genie app and will receive notifications if there’s a fault. But if you break down, and you'd like us to come out and help, you'll need to re-start your breakdown cover. 

Your Car Genie subscription will continue to renew annually, even without membership, so you'll need to unsubscribe separately if you no longer want to use your device.

To change or cancel your membership, or any of our other products, just contact us. To unsubscribe from Car Genie, email us, or give us a call on 0800 316 4691. You can also use the cancellation form in your Car Genie terms and conditions.

Returning Car Genie
Returning Car Genie to us

If you want to return your Car Genie, get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 0800 316 4691.

We need your name and order details. We’ll then give you a returns form to complete and instructions on how to return the device to us.

You’ll need to include a copy of your receipt confirmation when you send it back.

Returning a faulty unit or incorrectly supplied items

In addition to your right to cancel the contract described below, we’ll accept returns if:

  1. The device was damaged or faulty: we’ll arrange for a returns label to be sent to you. Refunds or exchanges will only be given once we’ve confirmed the device is faulty. We’ll then either replace the device or offer you a refund – let us know which you’d prefer.
  2. The device was incorrectly supplied: if we made a mistake and sent you an incorrect item, we’ll arrange for a returns label to be sent to you or for collection at our discretion. Once we’ve got the returned item(s), we’ll give you a full refund or arrange to send you the correct item(s) – whichever you prefer.

If this happens, full refunds are made no later than 14 days after the day we get back the faulty device or wrong items. Or 14 days after the day stated on the proof of postage.

You must take reasonable care of the goods and packaging while they’re in your possession, so they’re returned to us as new, as delivered or suitable for resale.

Cancelling your order

As long you’re not a business, you’re entitled at your discretion to cancel the contract, as long as you let us know within 14 days from the day of delivery. We’ll refund the full price of the device as soon as possible and no later than 14 days. We might not refund until the device has been returned to us or you’ve sent us proof of postage, whichever is earliest.

Non-standard (next day) delivery charges added at the time of your order won’t be refunded. Unless we say otherwise, you’re responsible for the return delivery cost.

To cancel your contract, you need to contact us by email or phone (during normal working times on week days) giving us notice.

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