The UK’s number one Breakdown Cover provider

We're the UK's largest provider of breakdown cover

The AA has the greatest market share of the breakdown cover market counting the number of members, and importantly the largest market share in the direct cover market. This is where the member has chosen who to provide their breakdown cover.

  • This is based on a Brand and Market Tracker study (last updated April 2021). This tracker is our de-facto source of market share information used internally across the business and is widely used by our Corporate team for reporting to external stakeholders such as City analysts and shareholders.
  • The research is conducted on behalf of the AA by an independent research provider (Old Street Data Science – trading name HGSR Ltd.) and the results are based on self-selected responses by participants. All data is presented at 95% confidence level (with +/-3% margin of error on any data point), based on a nationally representative sample of respondents drawn from an external research panel.
  • Interviews are held with 1,500 respondents every quarter, which is rolled up to 6,000 annually.
  • For members with direct cover, The AA has market share of 47%. RAC (22%) and Green Flag (17%) together have 39%. As the UK's number one provider, The AA has more members than both the second and third providers put together and has around twice the direct members that the RAC has.
  • For the purpose of this research, Direct Cover is breakdown cover that the customer purchased directly from the company, including through their website, or over the phone, or from a field salesperson or from a patrol at the roadside. It does not include cover which the customer might have purchased through an affiliate, as an insurance add-on, manufacturer cover offered upon purchase of a vehicle, or cover received as part of a value added bank account. Nor does it include cover which was purchased by someone else, another family member, by an employer on behalf of the respondent or received as part of a vehicle lease package, from a trade union or other organisation.

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