Satellite Navigation Guide

AA sat nav guide: image of Garmin sat nav systems

In recent years, in-car satellite navigation systems have become popular with drivers – with good reason. Not only can they help you navigate to your destination, they can also help avoid traffic incidents, congestion charges and toll roads.

Market research carried out by the sat nav industry suggests that using a sat nav can also help make driving less stressful, and can save you money on fuel. Market research also indicates that drivers using sat nav make 25% fewer stops than those driving without one.

Sat nav keeps you moving

There's more good news for drivers who use sat nav. If you're using a sat nav, you're likely to spend 35% less time in a stationary vehicle stuck in traffic. Research also indicates that drivers using a sat nav drive 16% less miles and spend 18% less time at the wheel than drivers without sat nav.

So, how does sat nav help you save time and money? With a GPS sat nav device you can specify and preview the most direct, shortest or quickest journey to help you save time and fuel. A sat nav can also help you find the closest restaurant or petrol station, helping you avoid lengthy detours and unnecessary stress.

AA Sat Nav app for mobile devices

AA Sat Nav UK and Ireland is a turn-by-turn sat nav app for your mobile device, with complete UK and Ireland street maps, full seven-digit UK postcodes and door-to-door voice directions.

It's packed full of advanced navigation features to guide you easily and accurately, including clear 3-D map displays, lane indicator arrows and speed limit alerts. Safety camera warnings are included as standard, with free in-app database updates.

Detailed street maps are stored on your iPhone and are not downloaded for each trip. There are no monthly fees – just start AA Sat Nav UK and Ireland on your device, enter your destination and go. Find out more about the AA Sat Nav app here.

Savings on Garmin sat nav for AA Members

If you're an AA Member and are interested in buying a sat nav, we've arranged good discounts on a range of Garmin devices.

Get up to 20% off the recommended retail price on Garmin sat nav.

Break your journey at an AA-recommended restaurant

If you are interested in locating AA-recommended hotels, B&Bs, campsites, restaurants, pubs and more with your Garmin sat nav, you can download AA guides for Garmin sat nav from

Guide to sat nav safety

Find out how to drive safely while using sat nav with our top ten sat nav safety tips.

Of course even if you have a sat nav, it's still worth keeping a map in your car – just for extra peace of mind.