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Making changes to your policy

The flexibility to adapt your cover to your circumstances

Why change your policy?

It's a good idea to take out a life insurance policy sooner rather than later – it's taken out over a period of years and gets more expensive the older you are. You may also need to change your policy to suit your current needs; what they are now, and what they'll be a decade or so from now, may be very different.

That's why our Life Insurance, provided by Legal & General, gives you the option to adapt your cover to your circumstances.

Increasing your cover

You can choose to increase your cover up to a maximum of 50% of the initial sum that you chose, on multiple occasions, or to a maximum of £150,000. There are two main reasons to do this:

  1. A mortgage increase: If you're increasing the amount based on a mortgage increase, then it is also limited to the increase of your mortgage or the increase of your salary.
  2. Your salary's gone up: If you want to increase your cover because you're now on a higher salary, this is calculated as the percentage increase in salary multiplied by the amount of cover.

You can use the increase option three times in total over the length of your policy, but only once in respect of marriage or a registered civil partnership. The maximum total increase permitted is £200,000.

Are you eligible to increase your cover?

To take advantage of this offer:

  • You must take your plan out before your 45th birthday, and
  • Legal & General cannot have applied a premium increase to your cover

If you choose to use the increase option, Legal & General won't need to ask you any more medical questions.
Terms and conditions, and prices at the time of the increase, will apply.

What if you don't use the Guaranteed Insurability Option?

You can still tailor your cover if you have a policy. Just call Legal & General ask to change one of the following:

  • the policy length
  • your amount of cover
  • switch from a joint policy into a single one
  • the way you pay your premiums (either monthly to annually, or vice versa).

What if you need to separate a joint life policy into two single ones?

This is possible if you divorce, dissolve a registered civil partnership, or change a joint mortgage into a new name.

Just so you know: these changes could affect your premiums, and we'll assess any change you ask for based on your circumstances at the time.

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