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All you need to know about pet insurance

About pet insurance

I have never insured my pet, why do I need to?

Rising veterinary costs can make a trip to the vet a costly one, the average vet bill is over £220 and more serious treatment can be considerably more. Insuring your pet is therefore a sensible move, with the added peace of mind of knowing you are covered for any damage or injury your pet might cause another person.

What should I do if I need to claim?

The AA make it a very simple process. Simply call us on 08708 502 306 and we will take the details over the telephone. We send you a pre-printed claim form for your signature, and if you prefer we settle the bill directly with the vet.

Is there any advantage to paying my premiums monthly by direct debit?

Yes, not only does it break your premium down into very affordable payments, but there is no interest to pay. The annual premium is simply divided equally over 12 months (plus a small monthly 50p administration fee). When your policy falls due for renewal you can relax in the knowledge that cover will continue unless you advise us otherwise.

What is cover for ongoing conditions?

Many pet insurers limit cover for ongoing conditions for only 12 months. At the AA we recognise that some illnesses may go on beyond that, perhaps for the rest of the pet's life. Our policy will continue to cover your pet, up to the policy limit, for ongoing claims subject to cover remaining in force and payment of premium.

What is co-insurance?

Co-insurance is commonly used in the pet insurance marketplace and is a contribution paid by the policyholder towards the amount claimed that is in addition to the fixed excess. Co-insurance works on the basis of a percentage contribution rather than a fixed amount and will generally apply when your pet reached a certain age, although some pet insurance providers apply this term for all of their policyholders.

For example, veterinary claims for pets aged six and over at the last renewal/policy start date will be subject to a fixed excess of £75 plus 20% (co-insurance) of the remaining amount claimed.

The amount settled by the insurer under a vet fee claim of £300 would be £170 which is calculated as follows:
amount claimed: £300
less fixed excess: £100
less co-insurance of 20%: £30
amount settled: £170
policyholder contribution: £130

Only pets aged six years and over are subject to co-insurance.

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How can I contact you about a question or claim?

Please call us on 0800 294 2713.