What You Need To Apply for Life Insurance

You can get a quote and apply for life insurance either online or over the phone; the application process should take around 20 minutes.

To make sure your application process is speedy and efficient, you should have the following information to hand.

Information about:

  1. Your general health
  2. Your lifestyle, for example smoking habits
  3. Activities you participate in, for example any hazardous sports or pastimes
  4. Occupation
  5. Medical history
  6. Family's medical history – this will include your parents, brothers and sisters only
  7. Travel abroad
  8. Financial details, for example any existing life insurance

You'll also need:

  1. Your height and weight measurements
  2. Details of any medication or treatment you are currently taking
  3. Your bank account details
  4. Your doctor's name, address and telephone number
  5. Details of previous operations or medical conditions
  6. Details of serious conditions your parents, brothers or sisters have experienced before their 60th birthday. We'll need to know the name of the condition and the age at which it occurred

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