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Look after your home with our video guides

If you're struggling with a kitchen sink that won't drain, or you want to prepare for the winter and make sure your pipes don't freeze, our 'how-to' videos offer simple advice to help look after your home.

Our fully qualified engineers can give you the rapid help you need if you have an emergency with your boiler, electrics, plumbing or drains – take a look at our Home Membership range of products for more details.

How to unblock a sink or bath

If water isn't draining away from the plughole, there may be a blockage in the waste pipes. Watch our video to see how to solve this problem.

How to bleed a radiator

If air is trapped, you may notice the top of your radiators is much cooler than the bottom. Our video shows you how to bleed your radiator to make sure they're working correctly.

How to change a fuse in a plug

If your electrical appliance has stopped working, it could be because a fuse has blown in the plug. You can change this and our video guide will show you how to.

How to locate the stopcock

If there was a leak in your house, would you know how to turn the water supply off? Our helpful video will show you where you are likely to find your stopcock.

How to prevent freezing pipes

As frozen water expands, pipes can easily burst – causing flooding and water damage in your home. Prevent your pipes from freezing by following our advice in this video.

How to fit a carbon monoxide sensor

Known as the 'silent killer', carbon monoxide doesn't smell or taste, and is colourless and poisonous. Find out how to fit a carbon monoxide detector to keep everyone in your home safe.

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