Driving Instructor Franchise

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A hassle-free way to run your business, with the reassurance of the AA behind you

You're the boss
Keep full control over your business
Support you can count on
Get expert advice when you need it
24/7 Roadside Rescue
So you're always on the move

Rev up your career with our driving instructor franchise

Are you an instructor looking to turbo-charge your career? Then you’re in the right place. Our franchise packages have loads of benefits to keep things running smoothly. Join our growing franchise family and steer your business towards greatness.

    • Freedom & flexibility: Set your own working hours and lesson rates
    • Cruise in style: Enjoy teaching in a top-of-the range, high performance, head-turning yet reliable car
    • Premium maintenance: We keep your car road-ready & in mint condition
    • Shift your career up a gear: Opportunities to diversify & specialise

AA Solo Car Lease

If you’re already a well-established driving school, get a high-spec dual-control car while retaining your brand. Check out our Solo package.

    • Unbranded, new car with dual controls – ideal for creating your own brand identity
    • Insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover & tyre replacement sorted for you
Discover more information about our solo car lease options

AA All-Inclusive Franchise

Everything you need to run a successful business. We take care of pupil supply, bookings & provide dedicated support, so you can focus on your teaching.

    • Premium car with recognisable & respected AA branding
    • Admin is a breeze with our free pupil & diary management app
    • Get a limitless an uncapped pupil supply with access to our exclusive pool of eager learners
Explore our AA All-Inclusive franchise options
  • Add a named driver
    For an AA approved family member
  • Speedy repairs & replacements
    Keeping you on the road
  • A new car upon renewal
    Drive top modern models

Keep your bank balance healthy

Want to be confident in your cashflow? We get it. Our franchise packages offer plenty of opportunities to maximise your profit.

    • No more missed lessons: Regular car maintenance keeps your business on the move
    • Stay on top of the game: Brand-new car upon renewal
    • Uncapped pupil supply: All-Inclusive Franchise keeps your diary full

My favourite part of being on an AA franchise is having the flexibility & freedom of being self-employed, whilst also having the security & support in case I need it

Emily Marriott, AA Franchisee

January 2024

What’s the difference between an independent and a franchise driving instructor?

If you’re an independent driving instructor, the job of setting up a driving school is entirely up to you. Joining a franchise means that a lot of the admin work is taken out of your hands, plus you’re supplied with a car. And most franchisees have the backing of an established brand.

Which route you take is down to you. Many like the challenge of building a brand, and controlling all aspects of the business. But others prefer to pay a weekly fee in return for having a reliable vehicle maintained on their behalf, while not having to worry about the admin.

With our Solo package, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. The vehicle is supplied and looked after, yet unbranded. This means you can build your driving school’s brand, while knowing that your vehicle will be kept on the road. This means you don’t have to spend time and money on maintenance and repairs. Instead, you pay one fixed weekly fee, and the only variable cost is your fuel.

What is the pupil supply like in my area?

If you’ve just qualified as an ADI, getting pupils is one of the first challenges you’ll face. Whereas if you’re an All-Inclusive franchisee, you’ll have access to an uncapped supply of pupils.

Plus driving instructors are in massive demand at the time of writing. And this is the case nationwide. SoSo, no matter where you live in the UK, now’s a great time to become a driving instructor.

How long into my contract can I get a new car?

We supply franchisees with a brand-new, top-spec car each time they renew their contract, typically every one to two years.

Is there a mileage cap?

As a franchise instructor, you have a whopping 48,750 miles that you can clock up. You do have to get your car serviced after you’ve reached a certain mileage though, which will depend on your car make and model. The good news is that we’ll sort out the service for you too.

What happens if I need to take time off?

Even as part of the All-Inclusive franchise, it’s important to note that you’re your own boss. This means you’re completely in charge of managing your time and diary. So, if you need to take time off, it’s on you. It’s always a good idea to manage your pupils’ expectations though, so be sure to give them as much notice as you’re able.

Will I get a brand-new car when I start my franchise?

You certainly will. And with a choice of 7 manufacturers and over 20 models, we’re sure you’ll find something which suits you down to the ground. See our driving instructor vehicle choice .