Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure review

Enhanced looks make it an alluring car

May 2016


  • Enhanced looks make it an alluring car
  • Comfortable seats in front and back
  • Everyday family practicality
  • Highly efficient and relatively clean engines


  • More expensive than some rivals
  • Slightly disappointing dashboard
  • Engines range from adequate to slow
  • Not as large as some rivals
The compact SUV segment is an incredibly crowded one. The 2008 has some very compelling rivals as a result, but for buyers loyal to Peugeot - or for families who want a small dose of form as well as function - would do well to consider this lightweight, efficient and attractive French SUV.

The ""new"" Peugeot 2008 builds on the mechanicals of the previous generation, adding some welcome exterior tweaks and a range of additional driver aids and features. This is an important car for Peugeot internationally, with over half a million sales worldwide, though in the UK the company has sold a more modest 40,000.

That puts it way behind SUV segment leaders such as the Qashqai, which arguably adds to the Peugeot's appeal. A combination of comparative rarity and genuine design appeal makes the 2008 more eye-catching than most other SUVs, especially thanks to its updated front end and all-round sportier, chunkier and more masculine appearance.

In addition to the Access, Active and Allure trim levels that already existed for this model, Peugeot now offers the 'GT Line' spec which sits at the top of this model's trim staircase. Across the range, the Peugeot offers comfortable and practical family motoring, combined with elegant design on the interior and exterior.

The driving experience lags behind some rivals, however. While every effort has been made to create car-like handling, the 2008 has a much higher centre of gravity than a conventional car. The Peugeot's engines are frugal and efficient but can be a struggle to get up to speed - many buyers will prefer the manners of a large saloon.

Our verdict on the Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure
The 2008 remains a compelling if slightly unusual choice for families. The sophisticated looks set it apart from the slightly more obvious designs of competitors, and the interior has just enough French flair to make it interesting. And what the efficient diesel and petrol engines lack in punch, they make up for in efficiency.