Citroen C4 Picasso 115 e-HDi review

Smart exterior design is pleasing to the eye

June 2013

picture of car from the front picture of car from the rear picture of car interior picture of car detail

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars


  • Smart exterior design is pleasing to the eye
  • Huge amount of light and space in the cabin
  • Ride quality is excellent
  • Improved standard of fit and finish


  • Manual gearchange can be rubbery
  • Fascia layout can be a little confusing
  • Airline' style seat is a good idea but flawed in practice
  • Turbocharged petrol version feels surprisingly weak

When it was launched in the UK in 2013, the second-generation Citroen C4 Picasso proved to be a properly eye-catching thing, and proved that MPVs could, at least, be a little bit cool and desirable. The revised model brings a raft of very subtle tweaks to the fore, to help the three-year-old car stay relevant in its market segment.

As mentioned earlier, the changes on the new model are very minor, so you would be forgiven for missing them. The front of the car has been slightly redesigned, 3D-effect taillights have been added around the back, and the iconic Citroen rear chevrons are now coloured black and feature chrome surrounds.

The cabin appears to have been designed specifically with families in mind, which makes sense really considering the fact that this is the sort of demographic a car like this appeals to. Storage spaces are abundant throughout the car, and the five seat layout offers a good deal of practicality.

As you would likely expect from a car of this nature, it isn't the most exciting car in the world to drive enthusiastically. It is by no means terrible, but there is a noticeable amount of roll through the corners, and the engines aren't really the last word in out-and-out performance. This is a car far more at home covering long distances on the motorway.

Because of its body shape, there is a noticeable amount of wind noise at cruising speed, although it isn't enough to make the C4 Picasso exhausting to drive. The petrol engine was fairly punchy and refined, although the manual gearbox did feel slightly woolly.

Our verdict on the Citroen C4 Picasso Feel PureTech 130

The C4 Picasso isn't exactly a full-fat MPV, thanks to its lack of a third row of seats. However, it is a comfortable car to drive, and offers decent levels of practicality with funky looks. If you want a car that is slightly left-of-field to the multitude of five seater C-segment SUVs that are currently on the road in the UK, the C4 Picasso could be the car for you.