Audi A5 RS 5 Coupe review

Powerful V8 engine is full of character

April 2010

picture of car from the front picture of car from the rear picture of car interior picture of car detail

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars


  • Powerful V8 engine is full of character
  • RS bodykit enhances already attractive looks
  • Polished ride and handling a welcome leap forward over previous RS variants
  • High quality cabin up to Audi's usual standard


  • Access to the rear seats could be better - the chunky sports seats don't help
  • Can sometimes feel too clinical - car requires little effort to travel quickly
  • Has the potential to be a very noisy car, which doesn't help if you want to be discrete
  • Running costs will be high for a car with this level of performance

Buoyed by the success of its RS 4 range, Audi has turned up the heat with its RS 5. It's also learned much in recent years, and with the critics now warming to the various S and RS models, it's clear that Audi has rediscovered that ability to make engaging performance models after a long time in the wilderness.

You only get one shot with the RS brand. Audi has been clever not to flood the market, which means there's only one model at a particular time. With the RS 4 making way for the RS 5, evolution of the sub-brand has led to a gradually more polish product.

Using its A5 as the base vehicle, Audi has transformed its popular coupe into a Porsche-baiting high performance car. The firm's S5 previously hinted at the car's potential, but packing a 444bhp V8 the RS 5 moves the game on by a substantial margin.

And this is no straight-line missile. Audi has learnt plenty from the press and customer feedback of its recent offerings, plus there's a lot of evidence to suggest that its engineers have rediscovered how to make a great handling sports car. The RS 5, with its intelligent quattro all-wheel drive system, adjustable suspension and that V8 engine, is a convincing package.

Visually it's a subtle change over the lesser S5, itself a surprisingly restrained performance car. The RS 5's bodykit is modest, although the active boot spoiler does give the game away at speed. Refreshingly, the RS 5 is no one trick pony, and proves to be versatile performance machine. The coupe bodystyle is a practical one, while the car's ability to cover ground rapidly with little effort adds to its all-rounder appeal

Our verdict on the Audi A5 RS 5 Coupe

Far from being a one-trick, straight-line pony, Audi's RS 5 delivers a level of performance that should silence critics of Audi's recent high-end sports cars. The German firm has clearly learnt much in recent years, and RS 5 is offers an exciting, rewarding and engaging experience, plus the ability to play it cool on the commute to work.