Smart breakdown

Introducing Smart Breakdown

Understand what your car's really saying


Helps spot problems before they become a real issue

Alert fault 0

Explains common faults and what to do about them

Car dongle

Sends updates on your car's health to your phone

What's Smart Breakdown?

With our clever little device you can connect your car and smartphone, so you know what your car's really saying.

  • Get fault alerts and technical help from our trained team to help prevent breakdowns
  • Helps us know what's wrong with your car and where you are if you break down
  • Compatible with most cars manufactured from 2005 onwards
Smart breakdown push notification

Fault detection

Smart Breakdown is able to read over 5,000 different fault codes from your car, helping you to spot problems before they become a real issue. It identifies the fault in 80% of engine related breakdowns, so if we do need to come out to you, we’ll already have an idea of what’s wrong.

  • When a fault's detected, you'll receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • A summary of the problem will be shown so you know what's wrong.
  • We'll provide a description and advice to help you understand what the fault means for your car.
  • If needed, you'll be able to give our trained team a call or tap on 'Find a garage' to see where you can take your vehicle.
Dongle and fault on app

How does Smart Breakdown work?

The device plugs into a port which is usually found in your car's footwell. When it spots a fault, it'll send a notification to your smartphone.

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How can I buy Smart Breakdown?

It's easy to buy whether you're an AA Member or not. It costs just £49 for the year or £5 a month, in addition to your breakdown cover. If you're an existing member give us a call. If you're joining us, all you have to do is choose Smart Breakdown when buying your breakdown cover online.

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How to set up Smart Breakdown



If you haven’t already, download the AA app and create an account



Tap the app and it'll show you how to 'Activate your Smart Breakdown'

Set up fit

Set up and fit

The app will guide you through set up and how to fit the device