82% of drivers still enjoy driving

30 July 2009

The vast majority of drivers still enjoy motoring and are opposed to tolls or congestion charging, according to a report pulling together results from the AA/Populus panel, the largest dedicated motoring panel in Europe.

Transport economists talk up road pricing but any political party proposing tolls or road pricing are treading on dangerous ground, according to AA surveys. Last week David Cameron MP raised the prospect of tolls on new roads.

AA/Populus results

In various AA Populus polls of between 12,000 and 17,500 drivers:

  • Drivers were divided on the principle of national pay as you go motoring with 45% opposed and 42% in support
  • But 86% do not trust government to deliver a fair system of road pricing
  • 77% opposed local congestion charging schemes
  • 58% oppose High Occupancy Toll lanes
  • Only 31% would regularly use Toll lanes
  • 75% of drivers don't think any of the political parties are "motorist friendly"
  • 86% of passenger journeys are by car


Commenting Edmund King, AA President said: "Despite all the doom and gloom of high fuel costs, cones and congestion, 82% of drivers still enjoy motoring and the freedom and flexibility the car affords them and 79% could not imagine life without the car.

"Tolls are still unpopular and despite the increase in rail travel and cycling in some areas, the vast majority of journeys are by car. The car has that great advantage of taking people where they want to go, when they want to go, in comfort. Drivers will not thank any political party trying to force them out of their car onto public transport by increasing the cost of motoring."

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4 August 2009