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AA Safety Camera

Live warnings for safety cameras in Great Britain

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AA Safety Camera

The AA Safety Camera app turns your Android smartphone into a live safety camera warning system for drivers in Great Britain. Warnings are given for all types of fixed cameras. You will also be warned about live mobile sites that have been reported by other users.


  • Simple clear user interface
  • Regular data updates
  • Community data for mobile speed traps
  • Live safety camera alerts
  • Fixed camera alerts are directional and have associated speed limit (feature removes false alerts)
  • Background mode (continue to receive alerts when you are in a different app)
  • Average safety cameras
  • Congestion charge zone
  • Progress bar indicates distance to camera
  • Voice alerts

Subscription details:

Initial purchase price allows for a discovery period and is followed by ‘in app purchase’ at the following prices:

  • One month £1.49
  • One year £3.99
  • Three years £6.99

The continuous use of GPS whilst driving will reduce your smartphone battery life. It is therefore recommended to charge your smartphone whilst in use.

The AA Safety Camera app is an aid to safer driving and aims to reduce the risk of obtaining speeding penalties.

The app is powered by RoadPilot Omni Database of physically surveyed fixed safety cameras in Great Britain.

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