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AA Roadwatch Pro

Up to the minute traffic information to your device

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A fully featured Traffic app

The AA Roadwatch Pro app is designed to help beat congestion and help you avoid traffic delays so that you get to your destination on time.

With AA Roadwatch Pro if there is a problem on your route we can alert you automatically - you don't even need to open the app.


  • Check current traffic - incidents and roadworks for the UK displayed over a map. 
  • Alerts - set up alerts for your journeys and then if there is a delay on your route we will send you a notification message.

You can set up to receive alerts for journeys such as your daily commute or just a single journey.

Creating a journey is easy - simply set your start and end destination and the app will show you the best route. If the route shown is not the way you want to go you can force the app to give a different route by adding a via with the drop pin tool.

If you have any feedback on this app or any other AA app please email the app team on appsupport@theaa.com

Important: the iPhone version comes with a seven day free trial after which you must subscribe to the service for 12 months at a cost of £1.99 to continue to use the app.

Available on the iphone

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AA Roadwatch Pro for iPhone
Price: Free (for 7 days then £1.99 annual subscription)

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