Shortlisted Cars

There are no saved models in this section.


Comparing cars

To add more cars to your shortlist, either choose 'Back' to choose from your search results list, or go to 'New search' to select a different car. Additional cars you choose will then appear in your shortlist.

You can compare up to three cars at a time: tick 'Compare' in the shortlist boxes, and then choose 'Compare selected cars' at the top or bottom of the list. To delete cars from your shortlist, tick 'Delete' in the shortlist box, and then choose 'Delete selected cars' at the top or bottom of the list.

Prices and valuations

When a car is first saved into your 'My Saved Cars' page the price shown is the manufacturer's list price for a new model and an estimated dealer retail price if it's a used car.

The estimated dealer retail price is based on the assumption that the car is in excellent condition and has done average mileage for its age. If you click on the link 'Adjust for mileage' you'll be able to adjust the price to take account of actual mileage, for example if you've seen a particular car at a dealer. The mileage entered and date on which you obtained the valuation are also recorded.

In 'My Own Cars', the section will show the estimated dealer retail price and an estimated trade-in price. You can adjust the price and trade-in values to reflect the actual mileage and condition.

Any adjusted valuations shown will expire automatically after 30 days.


New cars – the price shown is the manufacturer's recommended list price.

Used cars – the price shown is an indicative 'windscreen price' assuming the car to be in excellent condition and having covered an average mileage. The actual price will depend on condition, mileage, negotiation, trade-in terms and other factors.

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