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The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. We provide personal financial services including motor and home insurance, loans, credit card and savings, and we are the largest independent travel publisher in the UK.

We provide driver training for all with AA Driving School, The British School of Motoring (BSM) and with AA DriveTech for commercial drivers.

AA Public Affairs helps guide and shape motoring policy and campaigns on behalf of members and motorists.

Nearly 60% of adults don't have life insurance – is it time to check your cover?
Most people don't like to think about death, but many try to put some sort of plan in place in case the worst happens. Yet fewer than half of adults (41%) say they have life insurance. Of those, 1 in 12 admit they don't know how much they are covered for.
(8 May 2014)

UK petrol sales lowest on record - but will winter heating switch-off revive demand at the pumps?
Sales of petrol in March plummeted to their lowest on record despite an average price below 130p a litre. A year ago, petrol sales hit the previous lowest point following the second coldest March on record and pump prices reaching 140p a litre, AA research reveals.
(6 May 2014)

Comprehensive home insurance – AA launches Home Insurance Plus
A new home insurance policy from the AA aims to overcome homeowner concerns about what may be covered by their policy.
(30 April 2014)

A portrait of motoring Britain - five-year study reveals fear and loathing, and sheer joy, of UK motoring
A new AA-Populus study, A Portrait of Motoring Britain, covers a spectrum of six types of motorist, from the motoring for joy and drive to survive groups through to the rogues and the ‘cars are a necessary evil’ types.
(28 April 2014)

April fuel price update - stronger pound shields drivers from wholesale price rise
Average UK petrol pump prices continue to hold below the 130p a litre level despite pressure in the oil and wholesale fuel markets, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(22 April 2014)

First all-lanes running 'smart' motorway - drivers need smart thinking on M25 with no hard shoulder
A third more road space on one of the UK’s busiest sections of motorway will ease the daily stress of hundreds of thousands of drivers. However, they will have to come to terms with there being no hard shoulder and a need to follow strictly speed and lane instructions, says the AA.
(11 April 2014)

Street lights - night-time accident reductions dimmed by council street light switch-offs
Night-time accidents in bad weather on 30 mph urban roads have been slashed by 15.6% over the past five years. But, where street lights have been switched off or are not present, the fall is just 2.0%, AA research reveals.
(10 April 2014)

Easter travel 2014 - this Easter is likely to be one of the busiest on the roads in recent years
This Easter is likely to be one of the busiest on the roads in recent years with mild weather replacing the snow and ice of last year, says the AA and traffic information specialist Trafficmaster.
(9 April 2014)

Petrol sales - drivers punish uncompetitive supermarkets
Petrol prices at their lowest for nearly three years failed to revitalise UK pump sales during the last quarter of 2013, AA analysis of new government figures reveals. Overall, petrol demand in 2013 fell by more than 850 million litres, equivalent to 19 days consumption.
(4 April 2014)

Potholes - plummeting road condition leaves drivers deeper in trouble
Overall road condition in the UK has plummeted over the winter, a survey responded to by 23,911 AA members has uncovered. While 29% of respondents reported their local roads in a terrible condition in October 2013, that had risen to 40% by March 2014.
(3 April 2014)

An ideal time for home improvements
Research by Populus for AA Financial Services shows that a third of those borrowing money this year intend to use it for home improvements.1 The research, released during Home Improvement Month, shows that four out of ten want to make changes to their home this year.
(1 April 2014)

Cash to stop the crash - AA supports campaign for government incentives to encourage take up of AEB on new cars
The Government should give incentives for people to buy safer cars with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in the same way that incentives have been given for greener cars, according to Edmund King, AA president, speaking at a briefing in the House of Commons.
(25 March 2014)

Fuel price update - inflation-hit earnings hold back a driver and fuel retailer revival
Mid-March pump prices and fuel retailer offers have given the fortunes of UK drivers a distinctively spring-like feel.
(21 March 2014)

Budget 2014 - duty freeze still leaves the squeeze on drivers
Keeping fuel duty level for a fourth year is very welcome relief for UK drivers but the freeze still leaves the squeeze on families and businesses that rely on four wheels to function and prosper.
(19 March 2014)

One in five has been locked out, according to AA Home Membership
Londoners are most likely to have been locked out of their home (35%) due to lost keys compared to those from Yorkshire and Humberside (13%).
(11 March 2014)

Think Bikes! - AA launches national campaign supported by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman and 20 times TT winner John McGuinness
Dramatic new figures show that nine out of ten drivers (93%) admit it is sometimes hard to see cyclists while driving and more than half (55%) are often ‘surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere’. As a result of these findings the AA and the AA Charitable Trust have got together, with support from British Cycling and The Motorcycle Industry Association, to launch a national 'Think Bikes!' awareness campaign.
(7 March 2014)

Drivers send councils a warning shot on persistent puddles, pools and ponds on Britain’s highways
Attempts to convince council-tax-paying motorists that ponds and lakes on UK roads this winter are a one-off event fail to hold water with more than two thirds of AA members. While 68% of 23,700 AA-Populus survey respondents are prepared to accept that extreme weather has contributed to roads turning into watercourses, 67% blame councils for not maintaining drains well enough.
(28 February 2014)

February fuel price update - pump price postcode lottery leaves bitter sweet taste
Up to £2 a tank is being returned to drivers in small rural and coastal towns as the petrol price gap between towns with competitive pricing and those without closes from 5p a litre to as low as 2p. Drivers in those areas ask how it was acceptable for them to be over-charged for so long.
(21 February 2014)

Lack of knowledge about lorry laws - 81% don't know lorry limit on single carriageways
A majority of drivers do not know the speed limit for lorries on single carriageway roads, increasing the risk of road rage and accidents, warns AA DriveTech.
(13 February 2014)

More people are borrowing to buy cars
New figures show a sharp increase in the registration of new cars. But taking out a loan is more likely for buyers of used vehicles. For canny used car buyers a personal loan can pave the way to a good, low-mileage car.
(12 February 2014)

Flooding signage must be reviewed - too many drivers are ignoring or misunderstanding road closure signs
Since 1 December, the AA has attended around 3,200 flood-stricken vehicles and the AA’s flood rescue team, AA Special Operations, is calling for a review of road signage around flooding and warning drivers of the penalties for ignoring them.
(6 February 2014)

Access to data and your car - motoring clubs bid to protect drivers’ privacy and control of data
Motoring organisations across Europe, including the AA, have launched a campaign to prevent real-time electronic data from car on-board systems being abused and any benefits being monopolised and controlled by a small number of businesses.
(22 January 2014)

Car hierarchy - how drivers react to different cars and drivers
Classic or ‘whacky’ cars, such as 2CVs, old Beetles and Escorts, may have an advantage in beating traffic queues as one fifth of drivers are more likely to give way to them, according to an AA-Populus poll of 17,629 motorists.
(21 January 2014)

January fuel price update - petrol price refuses to fall below 130p a litre
Benchmark average UK petrol prices remain stubbornly above 130p a litre despite many retailers selling it for at least 2p less in most major towns and cities, the latest AA Fuel Price Report notes.
(17 January 2014)

AA acquires VVCR
The AA has today confirmed that it has acquired Dutch-based VVCR of Rijssen, Holland, as its first step into the international road risk management marketplace. The purchase price has not been released.
(17 January 2014)

New Year's financial resolutions
January is the time of year when people make resolutions for the year ahead. But for many, just getting in control of their money will top their New Year's resolution list.
(16 January 2014)

End of car tax transfer - ‘For sale, taxed’ to become illegal in 2.7 million private car sales
The proposed switch from relying on the display of a paper tax disc to a solely electronic record will end the transfer of the balance of car tax to the car's new owner.
(3 January 2014)

Millions risk drink driving this New Year’s Day
Around 7.5million drivers (21%) think they will have drunk at least 10 units of alcohol by 2am on New Year’s Eve, meaning they risk still being over the limit at midday on New Year’s Day.
(30 December 2013)

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