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The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. We provide personal financial services including motor and home insurance, loans, credit card and savings, and we are the largest independent travel publisher in the UK.

We provide driver training for all with AA Driving School, The British School of Motoring (BSM) and with AA DriveTech for commercial drivers.

AA Public Affairs helps guide and shape motoring policy and campaigns on behalf of members and motorists.

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Millions risk drink driving this New Year’s Day
Around 7.5million drivers (21%) think they will have drunk at least 10 units of alcohol by 2am on New Year’s Eve, meaning they risk still being over the limit at midday on New Year’s Day.
(30 December 2013)

Useless Christmas gadgets – Poll reveals cupboards lined with unwanted Xmas gifts
A poll by AA Home Membership has found that fondue sets, chocolate fountains and bread makers are among the most common gadgets languishing in kitchen cupboards.
(27 December 2013)

December fuel price update - pump prices creep up again as petrol demand teeters
Petrol and diesel prices have gone up again over the past month – a penny a litre for some drivers, 2p or more for others, the latest AA Fuel Price Report notes.
(20 December 2013)

Who would cook your dream Christmas dinner? Poll reveals amateur cooks prefer home cooking
People often have a long list of celebrities or historical figures they'd like to invite to their fantasy dinner party. But when asked who they'd like to cook their dream Christmas dinner, most people would only trust themselves or their partners to deliver the goods.
(20 December 2013)

Christmas 2013 travel advice - staggered getaway means fewer jams than recent years
While it may be wet and windy in places, drivers can take consolation that Christmas getaway traffic isn’t expected to be as heavy as normal, says the AA.
(19 December 2013)

Christmas anti-drink driving campaign - AA and Pernod Ricard UK highlight the risk of a failed breath test the morning after drinking
Pernod Ricard UK and the AA have launched their fourth Christmas anti-drink driving campaign, urging drivers to “accept responsibility” before getting behind the wheel, focusing on the morning after a drinking occasion.
(10 December 2013)

Autumn Statement 2013 - economic recovery fails to register with drivers
High petrol and diesel prices continue to force three out of five drivers to cut back on car use, other spending or both to compensate – scant sign of economic recovery for consumers on four wheels, the AA reveals in the lead-up to the Autumn Statement.
(3 December 2013)

The 4x4 is alive and well - but more searches for 4x4s in South West London than in most rural counties
Fifteen million drivers aren’t confident driving in compacted snow and ice. Yet as colder weather kicks in, there are more than twice as many searches on AA Cars used car website for 4x4s in South West London than in rural counties where one might think that a 4x4 was more essential to cope with extremes of weather, rough country roads and steep gradients.
(2 December 2013)

Majority of UK drivers would endanger themselves and their vehicles by driving through moving flood water
More than half (54%) of UK drivers would endanger themselves and their vehicles by driving through moving flood water, according to a joint Environment Agency and AA survey. More than a quarter (27%) of respondents would drive through moving flood water deeper than 30cm - enough to move a car.
(27 November 2013)

Sat nav vs Maps - almost half of young drivers rely on Sat nav alone
Most motorists are still turning to maps when planning car journeys even in the age of high tech navigation systems. Two thirds of drivers have used a printed map in the last six months.
(25 November 2013)

November fuel price update - falling petrol prices level out at lowest since February 2011
UK drivers are paying the lowest average price for petrol in more than two and a half years, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(22 November 2013)

Ghost insurance brokers - AA Insurance stops up to a dozen ghost broking attempts every day
‘Ghost’ car insurance brokers have become a spectre that is thought to cost the insurance industry tens of millions of pounds every year, leaving thousands of drivers without cover. AA car insurance says that its own fraud team blocks up to a dozen attempts to obtain car insurance by suspected ‘ghost brokers’ – criminals who sell ‘cheap’ fraudulent car insurance policies – every day.
(20 November 2013)

Home repairs - survey reveals one in ten have fallen out with a friend over home repairs
It can be reassuring to know that if a pipe burst suddenly or a window smashed in the middle of the night, you have a friend on the other end of the phone to help fix it. But, according to new research from AA Home Membership, one in ten people have fallen out with their friend over home repairs with a quarter being unimpressed by the quality of their friend's handiwork.
(20 November 2013)

40 years in Basingstoke - the AA's HQ, Fanum House was opened by the Queen on 19 November 1973
It’s a familiar landmark to millions of drivers, rail passengers and even helicopter pilots. Fanum House, the Basingstoke headquarters of the AA, was opened by the Queen 40 years ago today (19 November). The eighteen-storey (274 feet or 83.5m) tower block with its distinctive net of aluminium fins is the second-tallest building in Basingstoke and, in its day, was said to be the tallest building between London and New York.
(19 November 2013)

Households loose their cool over heating
Research by AA Home Membership shows that as temperatures drop, one in six householders will have a run-in with a housemate over the heating each week. The most common squabble is over what temperature the heating should be – is 20 plenty for you?
(19 November 2013)

Cold snap expected across country - AA encourages drivers to ensure they are prepared
While this first taste of winter isn’t expected to cause any real disruption, it’s going to feel pretty raw with overnight frosts and icy patches expected. The AA is encouraging drivers to help themselves by ensuring they are adequately prepared for the onset of winter after its research revealed that many harbour fears about driving in wintry weather.
(18 November 2013)

From I-spy to iPads - changing tactics to entertain children and reduce driver distraction
Parents have switched from ‘I-spy’ to ‘iPads’ as in-car entertainment for their children, reveals the AA as research shows children are 12 times more distracting to drivers than mobile phones. AA-Populus research shows that nearly a third (30%) of drivers said their parents played games like I-spy to keep them entertained on long car trips.
(18 November 2013)

Compacted snow and ice is most feared weather condition for UK drivers
Compacted snow and ice is the most feared weather condition for UK drivers, ahead of night-time fog, dazzling sunlight and strong wind. One in twenty drivers (5%) went as far as to say they were ‘terrified’ of driving in compacted snow and ice, according to an AA-Populus poll.
(15 November 2013)

Invisible Motorbikes? AA president addresses major motorcycle safety conference
More than half of all drivers (57%) are often surprised when a motorcycle appears from nowhere, according to the AA President addressing a major motorcycle conference in London on 11 November. This comes at a time when provisional government figures show an 8% increase in motorcyclists killed or seriously injured in spring 2013 compared to spring 2012.
(11 November 2013)

Emergency expenses - AA survey reveals only 40% intend to save money over the next year
Three quarters of householders say they expect some sort of major expense to crop up over the next year, yet only 40% intend to save 'just in case', new AA research reveals.
(7 November 2013)

Home insurance burglary claims - dark evenings don’t mean more burglaries
As night-time draws in earlier, the threat of burglary will become a real concern for many. However, age-old fears that dark evenings create more opportunities for thieves may be unfounded as AA Home Insurance data reveals little correlation between winter nights and burglaries.
(7 November 2013)

AA Law granted SRA licence - a new firm and a new name in the legal landscape
The AA has fulfilled the expectation of many industry commentators by the granting of an alternative business structure (ABS) licence by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA), to operate its own legal services business.
(5 November 2013)

Buying a used car - AA supports Citizens Advice used car campaign
The AA is supporting a new month-long campaign launched on Monday 4 November by Trading Standards Institute (TSI) and Citizens Advice Bureau to help people avoid the pitfalls of buying used cars.
(4 November 2013)

AA salutes armed forces with pledge - the AA's armed forces corporate covenant
The AA is among the first 50 companies in the UK to commit its support to the military through the new armed forces corporate covenant, launched on 29 October at a Downing Street event. The covenant is a voluntary pledge of support from businesses and charities to the armed forces community.
(30 October 2013)

Worst storm in years may batter UK – AA advice
With the Met Office warning of the most powerful storm in years that could hit the southern half of the UK on Sunday night and into Monday, the AA is warning of possible extensive travel disruption.
(25 October 2013)

AA Recovery turns 40 - pioneering service that changed fortunes of stranded drivers
The AA’s vehicle recovery service, AA Recovery, changed the fortunes of stranded drivers when it was launched as AA Relay 40 years ago. Before AA Relay was introduced, if your car couldn’t be fixed at the roadside, your choices were limited.
(21 October 2013)

October fuel price update - biggest fall in petrol prices since credit crunch
Average petrol prices in the UK have fallen by 5.48p/litre since mid-September, the biggest monthly fall since the 11.5p/litre petrol price collapse in November 2008. The cost of diesel is down almost 3.4p/litre, according to October’s AA Fuel Price Report.
(18 October 2013)

Sunset in the rush-hour – don’t make a glaring mistake
Until the clocks go back (27 October), the AA warns that drivers risk being blinded by the glare of sunset as they head for home. Dazzle from the sun contributed to 36 fatal, 423 serious and one in 33 of all reported accidents last year.
(16 October 2013)

Novice driver safety - AA response to TRL research report
Recommendations from government-funded research that would mean no-one could have a full driving licence until 19 must be taken with caution, warns the AA. However, the AA would welcome many of the other recommendations, in particular putting road safety on the national curriculum and allowing learner drivers on motorways.
(10 October 2013)

Car insurance fraud - customers to be asked for Driving Licence Number from next summer
AA car insurance, along with most car insurers, will ask insurance customers for their Driving Licence Number from next summer, in a move to cut application fraud. This will remove the opportunity for customers to wrongly declare information about their driving history - something one in five do according to the ABI.
(10 October 2013)

Callouts for broken boilers up by 72%
AA Home Membership has reported a rise in the number of callouts for boiler-related problems as householders start to switch the heating on after a long, hot summer.
(10 October 2013)

One year after clamping ban - parking still the bane of our lives
While communities Minister Eric Pickles is reining in local authorities who over zealously use CCTV, private parking operators now rely heavily on this technology and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to watch drivers and issue tickets through the post when they put a foot wrong in parking areas.
(8 October 2013)

Mobile phones and driving - workers under pressure to answer
Workers are coming under pressure to take dangerous risks when it comes to using their mobiles when driving for work or commuting, warns AA DriveTech.
(2 October 2013)

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