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This is what the AA has been saying in 2013

The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. We provide personal financial services including motor and home insurance, loans, credit card and savings, and we are the largest independent travel publisher in the UK.

We provide driver training for all with AA Driving School, The British School of Motoring (BSM) and with AA DriveTech for commercial drivers.

AA Public Affairs helps guide and shape motoring policy and campaigns on behalf of members and motorists.

Don’t be left in the cold - new AA Home Membership to protect members from costly winter repairs
22% of householders had a domestic disaster last winter, costing them on average £555.56 to fix. To combat these costs, the AA has launched Home Membership; a set of products aimed at helping homeowners with emergency and routine repairs around the home.
(25 September 2013)

September fuel price update - Syrian crisis threat to fuel prices fades
Last weekend, despite a 2p-a-litre fall in the wholesale price of petrol a fortnight ago and a further 3p last week, UK average pump prices barely budged from the late summer high of just above 138p a litre, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(20 September 2013)

AA patrol David Gibson receives the AA Patrol Service Medal
Edinburgh AA patrol David risked his own life to save others earlier this year, when the driver of a van on the M9 motorway suffered a fit and lost control of his vehicle.
(16 September 2013)

Gas Safety Week - AA engineers share their 'nightmare' boiler experiences
As Gas Safety Week takes place (16–22 September), research by AA Home Emergency Response reveals that fewer than half of households (42%) have a carbon monoxide alarm in their home that they check each year.
(16 September 2013)

25 years of female AA patrols - seven women in frontline AA roles
The AA’s first female patrol started 25 years ago today. When Georgina King joined the AA in 1988, the 21-year-old became an overnight celebrity.
(12 September 2013)

European Night Without Accidents
AA DriveTech has teamed up with Don't Be That Someone and Tune Into Traffic to support the European Night Without Accidents,an annual awareness campaign that runs across Europe, on Saturday 19 October 2013.
(10 September 2013)

Judging the top patrol in Europe – AA sets European benchmark for fixing vehicles
AA patrol of the year Tony Rich and other AA technical experts spent last week (4-6 September) judging a prestigious competition to find the best breakdown patrol on continental Europe.
(9 September 2013)

Fuel price desperation - soaring pump prices force drivers to resort to payday loans
Four pump price swings in the past 18 months, each temporarily adding up to £5 to the cost of a small tank of fuel, have forced one in six drivers (16%) to raid savings, owe money to the bank, pawn possessions or take out a payday loan, AA research reveals.
(6 September 2013)

The most popular car colour - UK car-buying mood turns darker 
They may be harder to spot in bad light, heat up more quickly in the sun and be associated with taxis and hearses, but the Brits have a growing love affair with black cars. Compared to two years ago, 9% more AA members have one. More ‘back to black’ cars are likely to take to the roads as the new ‘63’ plate cars hit the road.
(1 September 2013)

AA Reinvents the wheel - pioneering universal wheel allows cars without a spare to continue their journey
With close to a fifth (17%) of AA members not having a spare wheel in their car, the AA is trialling a ‘universal’ spare wheel to allow members to continue their journey with minimal disruption. The innovative wheel is the first of its kind in the UK and fits the majority of modern cars with a five-stud wheel.
(28 August 2013)

July petrol sales down - Pavlov effect sends July petrol sales crashing to winter levels
Petrol sales in the UK crashed to winter levels in July – a month when consumers were celebrating summer with a 1.1% surge in overall retail shopping sales, AA analysis of new HM Revenue and Customs figures reveals.
(23 August 2013)

AA top breakdown provider in Which? survey - eighth year in a row AA has held Which? accolade
Fixing rather than recovering cars at the roadside is the quality most prized by AA members and this has just been recognised in the authoritative Which? magazine survey of breakdown providers (September 2013). The AA came top and was awarded ‘recommended provider’ status – the eighth year in a row the AA has held this recommendation or the previous ‘Best Buy’ one.
(22 August 2013)

Saving for home improvements – cautious homeowners avoid more debt
In a challenging housing market, homeowners might be expected to improve their homes rather than move. But new research from AA Financial Services shows that many are being so careful with their money that they won't make any home improvements until they have enough savings to fund the project.
(21 August 2013)

August Bank Holiday - traffic and travel update
Up to 45 per cent of AA members will likely drive this August bank holiday weekend, averaging 50-60 miles a day. This equates to around 16 million drivers on the roads on what will be a packed weekend of leisure and sporting events.
(20 August 2013)

New uninsured driver fines – AA members have their say
Nearly 20,000 AA members who were polled on this subject believe that the penalty increase will make no difference to the number of uninsured drivers on Britain's roads, and that much more robust penalties should be put in place.
(16 August 2013)

Driving to save fuel - dashboard mpg monitors turn men into fuel misers
Nearly seven out of 10 male drivers (69.8%), whose dashboard trip computers measure fuel consumption electronically, monitor their miles per gallon(mpg) regularly. That falls to just over half of women (50.5%), research on behalf of the AA and Shell reveals.
(15 August 2013)

Fuel price update - scorching summer pump prices set to cool
A surge in UK petrol pump prices, adding on average 3p a litre cost since June, shows signs of falling away, says the latest AA Fuel Price Report. Having hit a peak of 137.61p a litre last week, forecourt prices dipped slightly over the weekend.
(14 August 2013)

New careless driving penalties - nearly a third of drivers at risk of new fines for being middle lane hogs
Almost a third of drivers are at risk of getting one of the new fixed penalty notices for careless driving, which come into force on Friday 16 August, warns the AA.
(13 August 2013)

Buying a used car - third of used-car buyers have ‘bought a lemon’ AA Cars research shows
A third (30%) of buyers say they have been misled about past problems with a used car they have bought, according to new research among AA members, in the latest ‘State of the Nation’s Cars’ report by AA Cars.
(8 August 2013)

Open house for burglars - householders encouraged to check their home security
The AA is urging householders to check their home security measures as new research indicates that doors and windows left open are the primary cause of many home burglaries.
(7 August 2013)

The AA and The Children’s Traffic Club partnership aims to make every journey a safe journey
The AA has launched a partnership with The Children’s Traffic Club to offer members discounted access to the club’s innovative road safety material for young children.
(5 August 2013)

Xbox generation drivers are most likely to take a shine to driverless cars
Games console-generation drivers are most likely to want to experience driverless cars that are due to be tested on UK roads this year, according to the latest report from AA Cars. Overall only around one in 10 (12%) of 23,450 AA members say they can’t wait to take their hands off the wheel of a driverless car.
(2 August 2013)

Whiplash injury claims report
AA Insurance has welcomed the House of Commons Transport Committee's report on whiplash injury claims published on 31 July 2013. The inquiry was concerned with the cost of motor insurance and ways of reducing the number of whiplash claims.
(31 July 2013)

Treasury fuel duty boost - June’s petrol price stability pumped up Chancellor’s takings
Pump price stability in June restored drivers’ petrol demand to a level of normality last seen in the winter of 2011, AA research has uncovered. It gave the Treasury a £25 million fuel duty boost compared to May.
(26 July 2013)

July fuel price update - scorching pump prices hit summer drivers
Yet another surge in wholesale petrol prices threatens to burn a hole in the pockets of holiday motorists and scorch the green roots of consumer recovery, warns the latest AA Fuel Price Report. A $100-a-tonne increase in the cost of petrol across NW Europe, combined with a weaker pound, heralds a potential 5p increase in pump petrol costs.
(19 July 2013)

Holidaymakers still wary of travel currency cards as half still rely on cash
Recent research by AA Financial Services shows that holidaymakers are still wary about using pre-paid travel currency cards. The survey shows that nearly half of travellers (48%) rely entirely on foreign currency, taken out before they travel. Only 3% use pre-paid travel currency cards.
(18 July 2013)

Summer 'getaway' travel advice - the majority of drivers are inadequately prepared
With the UK’s transport infrastructure feeling the heat – melting tarmac and warping rails – AA research shows that the majority of drivers are inadequately prepared for the summer getaway. An AA-Populus survey of 23,450 AA members found that more than half (57%) of drivers don’t check the coolant level before a long car journey in summer and the vast majority (86%) neglect to test the cooling fan.
(17 July 2013)

Childrens' safety on the streets - parental fears stunt school holiday walking and cycling freedom
With school holidays starting this week, a new AA Streetwatch study reveals that 94% of AA members think that children should walk more but only 56% believe their neighbourhood is safe enough to do so.
(17 July 2013)

Parking disputes with neighbours - one in three flare-ups is car-related
One in three flare-ups between neighbours is car-related, AA Home Emergency Response research has uncovered. In some parts of the country, parking disputes account for 36% of bust-ups with the people next door or down the road.
(12 July 2013)

Know what you are getting into - AA Cars to clean up car buying
One in three UK drivers thinks buying a car is a stressful experience, while one in eight admits to having made an ‘almighty mistake’ when buying one, according to a new AA-Populus survey of 22,194 AA members. At a time when nearly two-thirds (60%) of motorists say they are in the market for a car, 17% of them within a year, drivers can now search for their next car through
(8 July 2013)

Summer drink driving - double trouble with the summertime booze, drivers tell the AA
Twice as many drivers think that there are more temptations to drink drive in the summer than the winter, according to an AA-Populus poll of 23,450 drivers, conducted to launch the latest phase of the Pernod Ricard UK and AA joint anti-drink driving campaign.
(8 July 2013)

Relief for flood-prone homes
AA Insurance welcomes the news that the government and the Association of British Insurers have reached an agreement in principle on providing insurance cover for flood-prone homes.
(2 July 2013)

Driving for Better Business - AA DriveTech supports Northern Ireland road safety campaign
AA DriveTech is backing a road safety campaign in Northern Ireland around workplace driving and supported the Foyle and District Road Safety Committee and the Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland, Driving for Better Business seminar on 27 June.
(1 July 2013)