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No flood cover solution in sight - flood insurance legislation unlikely before spring 2014
The AA says that finding a way to ensure continuing insurance cover for homes at risk of flooding is more urgent than ever.
(27 March 2013)

Messy Brits don't clean up their homes
British householders are so hopeless at cleaning their homes that even when they do, a third say they are messy again within a day, the AA's Home Emergency Response Service has found.
(27 March 2013)

Easter travel advice - this may turn into a ‘stay at home’ weekend as freezing conditions affect travel plans
Even before the extent of the current cold snap was known, the latest AA/Populus poll of 19,543 AA members revealed that 36% of respondents said they will not travel this Easter weekend and almost a third (32%) will decide at the last minute. In light of the cold weather, the AA expects many will remain at home or even arrange a last-minute break abroad.
(27 March 2013)

AA patrols and Land Rover crews spent weekend battling ‘warzone’ conditions - wintry weather expected to continue
The AA has attended more than 1,100 call-outs since Thursday to people who have got stuck in snow, ice or flood water. Over the weekend, patrols and Land Rover crews worked long hours in very demanding conditions to rescue members in rural areas who were sometimes virtually cut off.
(25 March 2013)

Breakdown update - AA likely to exceed 12,500 call-outs for the day with blizzard conditions in several areas
It was a challenging commute to work for many this morning with our Land Rover crews reporting blizzard conditions in several areas with some roads impassable and abandoned vehicles stuck in snowdrifts.
(22 March 2013)

Britain faces weekend whiteout – drivers should be well prepared and check travel reports before departing
There's going to be a real witch’s brew of driving wind, rain and snow this weekend which will inevitably cause disruption on the roads. Drivers should be well prepared as even short journeys can quickly turn bad.
(21 March 2013)

Accident prevention priorities - drivers' opinion turned upside down in 20 years
Nearly three-quarters of AA members (72%) believe that improving main roads would make the biggest contribution to reducing road deaths and injuries. This is an almost complete reversal of opinion compared to 20 years ago, new AA research reveals.
(21 March 2013)

Budget response - AA welcomes scrapping of fuel duty hike with relief rather than joy
With the ‘cost of living’ top of UK’s major concerns and volatile UK pump in the past 12 months, a fuel duty hike would have been the straw likely to break UK drivers’ budgets. The Chancellor’s decision to scrap the proposed fuel duty hike in September is therefore very welcome and makes good sense, according to the AA.
(20 March 2013)

Ahead of the budget, AA research shows that cost of living moves to top of UK’s major concerns
In 20 years, the cost of living has moved from near the bottom of major concerns in the UK to the top, research among nearly 20,000 AA members has found. In Wednesday’s Budget, the Chancellor gets the chance to inform drivers whether he intends to press ahead with a £7.64-a-month hike in petrol costs for a two-car family.
(18 March 2013)

March fuel price update -third fuel price surge in 12 months ends after nine weeks
A third petrol-price surge of 8p or more within the past 12 months has begun to collapse. The latest AA Fuel Price Report shows that, since early January, the average UK pump price of petrol has swung from around 132p to 140p a litre.
(15 March 2013)

AA members report new pothole plague - road condition worse than at start of 2012
A third of AA members have rated the overall surface condition of their local roads as poor, very poor or terrible in a new AA Populus poll. Only 10% rated them very good or excellent. And as spring arrives AA patrols are reporting potholes appearing faster than daffodils.
(14 March 2013)

AA welcomes London Mayor's initiative on improving London cycle infra-structure
The AA has broadly welcomed the impressive £913 million plan to transform cycling in London, announced by London mayor Boris Johnson on March 7th 2013. He outlined plans for a 15-mile cycle route including Dutch-style fully segregated cycle lanes along the Victoria embankment and the Westway flyover.
(7 March 2013)

Drug driving - AA welcomes new offence of driving with a specified controlled drug in the body
The Government is introducing a new offence of driving or being in charge of a motor vehicle with a specified controlled drug in the body. The new offence is included in the Crime and Courts Bill, currently before Parliament. It will enable more effective law enforcement and help to keep our roads safe and is fully supported by the AA.
(7 March 2013)

13 plate superstition - AA patrols on heightened alert as new 13-plate cars roll off UK forecourts
AA patrols will be on heightened alert as new cars with the latest 13 number plates begin to roll off the UK’s forecourts. Although a third of AA members said they would think twice about new cars with the 13 number plate, mainly because of sell-on concerns later, UK car sales are resurgent.
(1 March 2013)

Latest petrol sales figures - UK monthly petrol consumption crashes to record low
The blame for this latest collapse in petrol sales rests squarely with stock market speculation according to Edmund King, the AA’s president. Speculators have pumped up the wholesale price of petrol at a time of year when cars consume the most and when the concern is normally with imported diesel prices.
(22 February 2013)

February fuel price update - currency and commodity market pincers squeeze motorists and fuel demand
Already cash-strapped motorists have been squeezed further by a combination of stock market speculators pumping up the price of petrol and financial gambling pushing down the value of the pound. After surging 5p a litre over a month, the average petrol price on UK forecourts has shot up a further penny in the past five days.
(22 February 2013)

Flat-pack phobia of over 35s
Despite the experience of a previous generation, new research from the AA's Home Emergency Response service shows that under 35s are still keen to put their own furniture together.
(19 February 2013)

Hard-up parents turned away by children
The number of families living in multi-generational homes has risen over the last decade, but the current economic climate is making people think again about opening their doors to elderly parents.
(19 February 2013)

Florida International Driving Permit law deferred but AA says travellers should still carry one
Following pressure from the AA the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has issued a statement saying that it is deferring enforcement of a new law that requires all visiting drivers to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP), even those from English-speaking countries.
(15 February 2013)

10 years of congestion charging - but resistance to city congestion charging shows little sign of easing
Only 29% of AA members support congestion charging in cities – despite London having 10 years to prove the benefits. So poorly has the case for paying to drive into cities been made that those strongly supporting such a move (6%) are outnumbered more than 5:1 by those strongly against (33%), according to an AA Populus survey.
(13 February 2013)

Pothole damage - a third of drivers suffered pothole damage to their vehicle in last two years
The ‘pothole plague’ is getting worse after the recent cold snap followed a wet 2012. Potholes form as water freezes and expands in cracks in the road surface. Passing traffic opens up the damaged road surface and rain washes out loose material, deepening it further.
(12 February 2013)

Pothole insurance claims double in January
Over just four weeks, an estimated 1,000 cars in the UK were seriously damaged by potholes.
(14 February 2013)

Financial health remedy by education
AA Financial Services has welcomed the inclusion of compulsory financial education in the draft National Curriculum unveiled by the Secretary of State for Education.
(13 February 2013)

Warmer weather set to follow snow – breakdown update
Drivers are urged to heed flood-warning signs as two motorist were reportedly fined for wasting police time. Meanwhile the AA expects to attend more than 12,000 breakdowns today, as snow returns.
(13 February 2013)

Snow triggers weather warnings – breakdown update
Overnight snow and low temperatures have caused a flurry of breakdowns this morning, reports the AA, which has its 'severe weather' Land Rover crews out working.
(11 February 2013)

Speed limits survey - 2.8 million drivers don’t know the motorway speed limit
One in ten older drivers think the speed limit for cars on UK motorways is 80mph, according to research from the AA Charitable Trust. Overall, 8% of drivers (equivalent to more than 2.8 million drivers) got the motorway speed limit incorrect with 7% thinking it was 80mph and 1% thinking it was 60mph.
(7 February 2013)

AA Campsite of the Year - recognising excellence in campsites
The AA annually awards the title of national and regional campsites of the year to sites in recognition of exceptionally high standards, service and presentation.
(1 February 2013)

30th Anniversary of front seat belt law - but 300 lives per year could still be saved if all belted up
January 31st is the 30th anniversary of the UK’s first (front) seat belt law coming into force, and new AA Populus research reveals that in 1983 nearly a third of AA members (32%) were happy not to Clunk-Click and took the risk of being thrown through the windscreen in a crash.
(31 January 2013)

OFT report into competition in the petrol and diesel market - AA response
UK drivers will be bitterly disappointed that the Office of Fair Trading has failed to address their frustration with prices on the forecourt. However, it comes as little surprise to the AA that the OFT would see the market as competitive – if so, there is no reason not to publish petrol and diesel wholesale prices.
(30 January 2013)

Driver CPC from AA DriveTech - now available nationwide
AA DriveTech can now deliver its Driver CPC courses at 20 new venues throughout the country.
(30 January 2013)

AA DriveTech secures Driver CPC training with the British Red Cross
Two outstanding specialists in their respective fields – AA DriveTech and the British Red Cross - have teamed up to provide both essential driving and life learning skills.
(30 January 2013)

AA DriveTech announces new Driver CPC courses at CV Show 2013
The AA will be represented by its driver risk management and road safety arm, AA DriveTech, at the CV Show, which takes place between April 9th and 11th at the NEC Birmingham.
(30 January 2013)

Around 17million drivers think they would struggle if they had to re-take a driving test
Half of all drivers would struggle with at least one part of the driving test if they had to re-sit it, according to an AA/Populus poll. Parallel parking would be the hardest thing to get right in a re-test, with women (32%) twice as likely as men (16%) to admit it.
(28 January 2013)

Snow and ice will give way to heavy rain, flooding and potholes - AA breakdown update
Given the recent weather, some drivers may joke that the only thing that could make the roads any worse would be a plague of locusts! Unfortunately, this cold snap followed the second wettest year on record so, quite understandably, the roads are showing some ill-effects with a ‘pothole storm’ on the horizon.
(25 January 2013)

AA fuel price report - OFT decision on fuel price investigation due end of month
A three-quarters-of-a-penny increase since the New Year indicates that petrol prices in the UK are on the rise again after three and a half months of gradual falls, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(25 January 2013)

Wintry weather insurance claims - 8,400 cars damaged in the snow and ice costing £4.2m
Latest data from AA Insurance suggests that on the five snowiest days of winter so far (18-22 January) the national equivalent of up to 8,400 cars have come to grief thanks to the wintry weather.
(24 January 2013)

More snow expected before the thaw - AA breakdown update
The AA is geared up for a busy day tomorrow with an amber alert for snow across parts of Scotland, northern England and the Midlands.
(24 January 2013)

AA home emergency call–outs up 24% last week
Freezing conditions to blame for increase in boiler breakdowns and burst pipes. The AA urges people to protect their homes from cold ahead of the weekend.
(24 January 2013)

Consolidate your credit card bills - save money by managing your card
With January financial realities sinking in for many families, AA Financial Services is anticipating an increase in applications for its new AA Transfer Plus Credit Card, offering money transfers. This comes as many premium retailers are reporting strong results from Christmas and New Year.
(23 January 2013)

Flat batteries and cars like blocks of ice - today will be one of the AA's busiest this winter
It was a challenging return to work this morning with many local roads resembling ice rinks, but many cars failed to get off the starting blocks after a weekend sitting in freezing conditions.
(21 January 2013)

Snow flurries hit travellers’ plans – AA breakdown and insurance update
Breakdown workload was lower on Friday morning than the last few days as many people stayed at home, but those who ventured out faced considerable delays and difficult driving conditions across many areas.
(18 January 2013)

Have 4x4 will travel despite the weather - AA DriveTech predicts overconfidence could lead to crashes
The recent cold snap will highlight the lack of coaching that drivers need to temper their over-inflated confidence about the capabilities of modern 4x4 vehicles.
(17 January 2013)

Cold snap heralds new big freeze - AA breakdown update
Winter has started in earnest, reports the AA, with thousands of cars failing to get off the drive this morning due to the widespread freezing conditions.
(16 January 2013)

AA breakdown update - as snow thaws during the day, widespread risk of ice this evening and tomorrow
Drivers should prepare for a potentially hazardous commute this evening and tomorrow morning as today’s snow turns to ice, says the AA, which has its severe weather team, AA Special Operations, working across the country.
(14 January 2013)

Winter motoring advice as the prolonged mild spell is set to come to a frosty end
With the prolonged mild spell set to come to a frosty end, the AA is advising drivers not to be complacent, even on local journeys, as its research shows that three-quarters of motorists are ill-prepared for winter weather.
(11 January 2013)

AA DriveTech reaction to BRAKE at-work drivers survey
It is vital that all drivers, including those who drive for work, are aware that using a phone, speeding or becoming distracted while behind the wheel significantly increases their risk of being involved in a crash.
(4 January 2013)

Beat the return-to-work blues – tips for keeping the first commute of 2013 stress-free
The return to work on Wednesday (2 January) is expected to be one of the busiest days of 2013 for breakdowns, says the AA. We're likely to attend up to 17,000 call-outs – around 60% busier than normal.
(2 January 2013)

Driving after a night of drinking - don’t let the morning after be a mourning disaster
Four hundred drivers last year were caught out by being over the drink drive limit the morning after a night out, warns the AA. The AA warns that no matter what the intention, if a driver is over the limit, they will be prosecuted if caught.
(28 December 2012)

2012 in the AA's ‘rear-view’ mirror
The AA came to the rescue of almost 3.5 million members whose vehicles broke down in 2012 - Friday 3 February was the busiest day for breakdowns in 2012 with around 19,000 call-outs due to the freezing weather. Battery-related problems were the most common cause of breakdown.
(24 December 2012)