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Petrol sales down - price spike lowers first quarter petrol sales 10%
A £4-a-tank spike in petrol prices crashed pump sales by 9.85% between January and March this year, new government figures reveal.
(27 June 2013)

Is hope in sight for the UK's flood-prone homes?
Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, welcomes the commitment on flood-defence investment in the government's spending review.
(27 June 2013)

Drink driving rehabilitation courses - AA DriveTech announced as leading provider
Courts will be able to offer convicted drink drivers the Steer Clear Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course, delivered in partnership between AA DriveTech and London Probation Trust, from Monday 24 June.
(24 June 2013)

Wasp infestations on the increase - 43 percent of Brits have found a nest in their home
The AA's Home Emergency Response Service is urging people to ensure their home is protected from wasps as the arrival of summer has meant a significant increase in wasp infestations.
(21 June 2013)

June fuel price report - the devil is in the detail
UK drivers have had a month of relatively stable pump prices with petrol and diesel both adding around a penny to the cost of a litre. However, June’s AA Fuel Price Report reveals that retailers have on average this year been creaming up to £1 a tank extra off diesel car drivers.
(21 June 2013)

New uninsured driver fines are not enough - court fines less than fixed penalty
Among the motoring offence reforms being introduced by the government next month is an increase in the fixed penalty for driving without insurance, from £200 to £300. However, Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says that while this increase is welcome, it will do little to deter those who habitually drive without cover.
(19 June 2013)

Cutting back on car servicing - a fifth of drivers neglect their cars according to new survey
A fifth of drivers in the UK are storing up potentially costly car repairs by cutting back or not having their car serviced, according to the AA.
(19 June 2013)

Gone down the plughole – careless Brits have lost millions of pounds worth of goods
Research from the AA's Home Emergency Response service reveals that more than a third (34%) of respondents say they've lost something down the plughole or loo, including mobile phones, jewellery, cash and keys.
(12 June 2013)

Hot dogs in cars - the AA is supporting the Dogs Trust ‘hot dogs’ campaign this summer
The UK may be a nation of dog lovers, but it seems we are still putting man’s best friend at risk as a survey by Dogs Trust, reveals that over 66% of people have seen a dog locked in a car on a sunny day yet over a third of them did nothing about it.
(10 June 2013)

Confi-dented - male drivers less likely to ask for help than women according to AA Charity
The AA Charitable Trust is urging male drivers not to ignore their driving fears after figures reveal how unlikely they are to seek help with their driving. The figures show women are more than three times as likely as men to put themselves forward for driver refresher training that the charity provides free.
(10 June 2013)

New penalty will deal with AA Members' pet hates - tailgating, lane hogging and mobile phone abusers
We are pleased to see that at long last new powers and fines will be given to the police to tackle the top three pet hates of drivers – tailgaters, mobile phone abusers and middle lane hogs.
(5 June 2013)

Nude believe it? AA man Mike spares naturist's blushes
AA patrol Mike Giddens had a cheeky surprise on Sunday 2 June when attending a call-out ... at a naturist club.
(5 June 2013)

Decorating disasters - survey shows a quarter avoid decorating to prevent arguments
Stuffed animals, floral carpets and Artex ceilings are among the UK's biggest decorating disasters according to new research from the AA's Home Emergency Response service.
(3 June 2013)

AA Driving School and BSM to roll out cycle awareness module to all instructors
AA Driving School and BSM have committed to teach all new drivers cycle safety. An innovative training module to ensure a standardised approach to safe driving around cyclists will be rolled out. The move comes in the light of the AA’s commitment to breaking down the barriers between cyclists and motorists.
(24 May 2013)

Tony moves into fast lane - Warrington patrol crowned top in the country
Tony Rich from Warrington is hitting top gear after being crowned Patrol of the Year- the AA's top accolade for its roadside patrols across the country - at the AA Employee Awards held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow. In his new role, he will spend the next 12 months as the 'public face' of the company, representing the UK's biggest motoring organisation within the motor industry and before the media.
(20 May 2013)

Recovery patrol of the year -Malvern patrol crowned top in the country
Robert Jones from Malvern is moving into the fast lane after being crowned Recovery Patrol of the Year, the AA’s top accolade for its recovery patrols across the country. The 28-year-old joined the AA close to three years ago after previously working as an auto electrician. In his time, he's recovered all manner of cars from a 1920s Ford to the latest supercars.
(20 May 2013)

May fuel price update. Third petrol price spike ends – more to come?
A 3.5p-a-litre fall in the average pump price of petrol since mid April has signalled the end of the third big price swing in 12 months. But, with Tuesday’s International Energy Agency warning that traders and speculators are taking control of the European fuel market, it is unlikely to be the last, the new AA Fuel Price Report notes.
(17 May 2013)

Fixed penalties to increase - talking, texting and tweeting drivers face higher fixed penalty fines
The majority of drivers will welcome increased motoring fixed penalty fines to tackle those who use hand held mobile telephones when driving, according to the AA. Widespread illegal mobile phone use is often raised as a concern by AA members.
(13 May 2013)

Windscreen damage - pothole-ravaged roads contribute to 30% jump in windscreen damage
The UK's pothole-ravaged roads have contributed to a 30% jump in windscreen damage this year, according to AA Glass. In addition, a new AA-Populus survey of 21,510 AA members found more than a third said their car had suffered a chipped (27%) or cracked (10%) windscreen in the last two years.
(6 May 2013)

AA Glass has it all wrapped up - AA patrols across UK now trained in emergency glass repairs
With around 300,000 vehicles broken into each year, AA Glass offers a market-leading response time of around 40 minutes as AA patrols are now trained in emergency glass repairs.
(2 May 2013)

House-hunters prefer pubs over gyms - AA survey details what movers look for in a new home
A report by the AA's Home Emergency Response Service shows that 41% of people want to live near a pub or restaurant, compared to just 21% who’d prefer sports facilities nearby.
(1 May 2013)

Pothole complaints – 18m drivers say they've spotted potholes but failed to report them
Councils may have been inundated with reports of potholes however 18 million drivers have spotted potholes but failed to report them, new AA research reveals. Drivers who have reported pot holes in UK roads are outnumbered three to one by those who would if they knew how.
(24 April 2013)

Young drivers road safety event - AA DriveTech announced as main sponsor
Young drivers will be putting their skills to the test at an interactive event designed to improve their safety. The Cross Border Road Safe Event for Young People is on Thursday, May 2nd, at the Bready Cricket Club in Magheramason, and aims to attract around 150 17-to-24-year-old drivers from across Counties Londonderry and Donegal.
(23 April 2013)

April fuel price report - average petrol price expected to fall to 134p a litre
A new crash in wholesale fuel prices is expected to lop another 3p off the average pump price of petrol within two to three weeks, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report. The petrol price storm that started in January, helping to push the UK’s monthly petrol consumption to a record low in February, has finally blown itself out.
(19 April 2013)

Female car ownership thrives as vehicle growth struggles
Women drivers have registered their girl power by pushing their car ownership above 40% for the first time, according to new government statistics. Last year, across the UK, 9.8166 million women were registered with the DVLA as private car keepers compared to 14.5734 million men.
(11 April 2013)

Fuel sales trends - annual retail sales fall 3.5 billion litres in five years
Supermarket and non-supermarket fuel forecourts in the UK are dispensing 3.5 billion fewer litres of fuel than five years ago, AA research reveals.
(5 April 2013)

The European Health Insurance Card is essential - but not a substitute for travel insurance
Reasons for not taking out travel insurance range from forgetfulness to reliance on the free EHIC but this won’t cover you for medical repatriation or for lost or damaged property or delayed or cancelled flights.
(4 April 2013)

Petrol price fall grinds to a halt - drivers in many towns being charged £2 a tank more than in neighbouring towns
A fall in the UK’s average petrol price has ground to a halt just 2p below the year high of 140p a litre in early March. This is despite a 3p-4p fall in wholesale costs, with VAT, from late February into the middle of March.
(2 April 2013)

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