Taxidermy voted top decor disaster

Survey shows a quarter avoid decorating to prevent arguments

Stuffed animals, floral carpets and Artex ceilings are among the UK's biggest decorating disasters according to new research* from the AA's Home Emergency Response service.

Two–thirds of respondents said taxidermy is the biggest crime against interior design, while over half can't stand floral carpets. Coloured bathroom suites and carpeted bathrooms are similarly disliked, as are 90's bedroom staples the inflatable chair and the lava lamp.

Too many arguments

Despite this, nearly a quarter of those surveyed avoid decorating their homes as it's the cause of too many arguments; others said that just making a decorating decision was too stressful.

“It’s hard to believe that everyone once wanted an Artex ceiling and an avocado bathroom suite” said Tom Stringer, head of the AA's Home Emergency Response service. “Some trends go out of date and can be difficult to get rid of too.

“Tackling a home makeover can be a bit daunting if you've never done it before – people often want to spruce up their homes but aren’t sure it'll turn out the way they want it to, or if it'll be worth the expense.

“Things that were popular in the nineties like lava lamps and inflatable chairs have faired better than older trends that people really hate nowadays. Maybe in 20 years' time people will hate ‘Keep Calm’ memorabilia and feature walls will be considered just as naff.”

Tom also points out that out–of–date decorating could be hiding something more serious: “If it's old–fashioned it could be a sign that more important things haven't been updated either, such as electrical wiring or plumbing.”

What are the top ten decorating disasters?
Animal heads or other taxidermy 65%
Heavily patterned or floral carpets 54%
Carpets in bathrooms 39%
Too many collectibles or ornaments 33%
Artex 29%
Heavily patterned furniture 28%
Clashing colour schemes 23%
Animal print furnishings 23%
Coloured bathroom suites 21%
A bar 21%

*Populus interviewed 912 AA members aged 18+ from its online AA Home Panel between 8-19 March 2013. Populus is a founder member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

(3rd June 2013)