'Yule' love my cooking

Poll reveals amateur cooks prefer home cooking at Christmas

People often have a long list of celebrities or historical figures they'd like to invite to their fantasy dinner party. But when asked who they'd like to cook their dream Christmas dinner, most people would only trust themselves or their partners to deliver the goods.

The poll*, conducted by AA Home Membership, showed that one in eight would prefer to cook their own perfect Christmas dinner, with the same number choosing their partner. Nigella Lawson, the highest–ranking celebrity cook on the list took third place, relegating mums to fourth.

And the rest...

The other top ten spots were taken by celebrity chefs and food writers including The Hairy Bikers (5), Jamie Oliver (6), Delia Smith (7), Raymond Blanc (8), Gino D'Acampo (9) and Gordon Ramsay (10).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, not a single respondent wanted their father–in–law to cook.

Helen Brooker, Head of AA Home Membership said: “It's clear that many people don't consider cooking to be 'slaving over a hot stove'.

“The Christmas dinner is one of the most special meals of the year that's often planned for weeks in advance. Clearly, people really enjoy showing off their own Christmas cooking skills.

“Perhaps it's because of the popularity of cookery programmes that we're now becoming more confident in our cooking ability. Quite a lot of people do still want a celebrity chef to cook their dream Christmas dinner, but aren't decided on who to choose.”

Men were three times more likely to choose Nigella Lawson than women (11% vs 4%) and women were six times more likely to choose Gino D'Acampo than men (6% vs 1%).

The poll results in full
Me 13%
My partner 13%
Nigella Lawson 7%
My mother 7%
The Hairy Bikers 7%
Jamie Oliver 6%
Delia Smith 4%
Raymond Blanc 4%
Gino D'Acampo 4%
Gordon Ramsay 3%
Tom Kerridge 3%
Heston Blumenthal 3%
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 2%
My brother or sister 2%
Mary Berry 2%
Other celebrity chef/food writer 6%
Other family member 4%
None of the above 6%
Don't know 5%

(20 December 2013)

*Research was carried out on 28 November – 5 December 2013 amongst 1806 adults aged 18+